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after paying them 800 dollars to sell my time shares and swallowing their B.S. about selling it within 90 days because of the location ( lake tahoe), I have not heard another thing from them, I have called numeroud times in the last 8 months and have yet to recieve 1 return phone call, today 12/27/08 when I called they voice message said to leave them a message and they would get back to me within 24 hours, when prompted to leave message a recorded message told me their mail box was full and would have to call back at another time... This company and the people in it should all be thrown in jail and the key lost to get them out!!! I wish there was something I could do, but feel like i have been screwed...I am ready to hire an attorney and see what he/she can do. maybe force them to atleast give me the amount for the timeshare I am trying to sell plus dages and hardship...

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      Jan 29, 2009

    I was ripped off by them too. Now my timeshares are being foreclosed on. I listed them with them in May 2008 and paid over $600. They promises they would be sold in less then 90 days, now it's almost Feb 2009 and not a thing has been done.

    I have made repeated phone calls, they say that someone is interested - but then i never hear from them for months.

    I would like to go in on a class action lawsuit against. Please let me know if we can do this.

    I have another company that I got suckered in NH.

    Hoping that something can be done and that we can get our monies back. It doesn't count for the stress that we go through thinking that our timeshares are going to get sold and they are just jacking us around.

    How sad. unhappy in ct

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      Mar 10, 2009

    I too was ripped off by them! I paid $982 in November 2008 to have my timeshare sold, which I was promised that it will be done in less than 90 days because it was in a great location in Newport Beach, CA, but NOTHING was done!
    On March 9, 2009, I attempted to call the four different phone number they provided and ALL have been disconnected. I agree that the company and the people who operate it should be in jail. We work hard for our money and these scam bags sit and wait for us to fall for their scam antics knowing that they can get away with it.
    The scam bags should be put in jail, and force them to pay restitution to all of us. I wasted all this time thinking that my timeshare was being sold and now I have to find another company that may give me results and, I have to pay again.
    I would like to be part of a class action lawsuit and attempted to get our money back as well to get them penalized for their greed and unscrupulous behavior. Does anyone knows how we can go about it?
    Unhappy in California.

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  • Da
      Mar 11, 2009

    Looks like I have joined an unhappy crowd. I signed a contract with US Timeshare Management in February 2009 and already their telephones are disconnected in March. I'll join in the class action suit if any of you are a lawyer. My salesman's name is Bruce Pesetsky.

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  • Je
      Mar 26, 2009

    Unfortunately the scam bags will continue to get away with it, I contacted the BBB in Florida who contacted the scam bags (US Timeshare Management), and the response from USTM to the BBB was, “we will present an offer to the seller soon” which satisfied the BBB, so basically the BBB did nothing! I strongly suggest for us to get a lawyer and get this people out business and stop them from continuing to take money from others. Let’s band together and get it done. Also, if you paid by credit card, get in touch with your credit card company and let them know that you paid for services that were not provided, and request that your money is returned. I will not stop until either I get my money back, or they are put out of business! So let’s get on the WEB and let other potential victims know of this unscrupulous company.

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  • Br
      Apr 02, 2009

    I was called by them last night by a smooth talker "victor" who was saying all the same things i am reading above. I told him I do research on companies before i divulge any info especially credit cards. REMEMBER the rule never give your card number out to someone especillay if they call you. He said he needed it and I had 3 days to request a refund. Glad i googled them. The latest number I have for them is [protected] or toll free [protected] Give them a call lol.

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  • De
      Apr 16, 2009

    we paid 400.00 October 2008. We were told that since our timeshare was in Gaitlinburg that they were sure it would sale before Christtmas.They told us that they had some people from Europe that had cash money in this terrible economic situation and they were ready to buy timeshares for their employees to stay in when they won trips. We have not spoken to anyone since that day. None of our calls have been returned and we can never speak to anyone no matter what time we call. The lines are constantly busy and once all numbers that we tried had been disconnected. 400.00 is alot of money to us but it was easier than paying another maintenance fee. I too would like to sue them and will happily go along with anyone else who will take them on/ Deb and Doug

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      Apr 16, 2009

    i gave this company 400.00 in October 2008. They were to sell my Timeshare with in 90 days. Was told it would sell before Christmas due to the great location. They said they had people from Europe with cash and looking for timeshares for their employees to use. We have tried numerous times to contact this company and can never ever speak to anyone. Our messages are never returned We have not spoken to anyone since the day we sent the contract in. They took our money and did not do anything except put a listing on the web. The guy who was to sell the time share no longer works there (they say) and no one has ever heard of him. I can't even find a listing for their company that is supposed to be in florida. I too want to fight them to get my money back. I just dont know how and I don't have the money to do that now.

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  •   Apr 16, 2009

    Once you buy a timeshare you will never sale it. They get you in and you cant get out. I have tired to sale my junk since 2005. What a waste of money. I tried to do it on my own. I had no luck. Then I did what you did, I paid for something and thay was it. I should have just set my money on fire. I am trying to get help for this. I am trying to tell everyone about what a waste it is to buy a timeshare. Im in real esate, I dont get paid untill I do my job. So when they ask for money up front, run and run fast. They must work for it then you pay them. Good luck to you. Raluca Elena Saturn

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      Apr 20, 2009

    There is a way to get out of a time share without giving it away. Check out the time share user group called "TUG". Just google TUG and check out their helpful info. Bottom line, you might get 10% to 30% of what you paid for it. Don't pay anyone an upfront fee to sell anything! They should always work on a commission.

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  • Pa
      May 01, 2009

    I paid US Timeshare Management $441 in January 2008 with $441 due upon sale of the property. I am having the same luck contacting them as it appears everyone else is (none). Smooth talking salesman Mark McGee guaranteed sale of my Las Vegas timeshare within 90 days as it was very desirable and he had buyers waiting. Now his direct number is disconnected [protected] and the other phone numbers [protected] and [protected] are answered with a voice message stating that someone will call back very soon. The property was listed on their web site for a while but it is no longer there.

    Paul in Tulsa

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  • An
      Jul 16, 2009

    People this is sincerely rediculous. Everyone on here is talking about suing this company when all of you know that you can neither a. afford to hire a lawyer to do it, or b. be motivated enough to do so. its sad, pathetic, and needs to be stopped. all of you are too lazy and wont do anything about it. so why bother coming on here to gripe and complain. its a waste of your time and honestly is very sad. move on with your lives and let it go.

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  • Ba
      Nov 12, 2009

    The same has happened to me--I did convince them to "only" take $300 with the rest due after they close a deal. I'm going on two years now with no results. Last night (11/11/2009), I tried calling both numbers I have for them and was told that the numbers were discontinued. Somebody with some "legal smarts" -- please tell us where to go from here to at least get our investment back.

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  • Ma
      Aug 04, 2010

    Anonymous52006--Hey you probably work or own the rip offs at US Timeshare. I have reported them to the BBB. I hire them iin March of 2008 and I have heard nothing from them. They took my money and disappeared. They are a scam artist and need to be stopped and all of us need to get together on the BBB website file a complaint and due a class action lawsuit. I hate being taken advantage of and we all need to put a stop to this fraudulant action immediately and get our money back.

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