US Timeshare ManagementFraud, ConArtist, Deceptional business Practices

I would have liked to have found this collection of complaints before we placed our money $387 and trust in this "sheist" of an organization. We worked with Anita Willis and she all but assured us that our timeshare would not last 90days on the market before it would sell. We placed our trust in this organization in 2007. Thru our own fault, we did not followup on them and before we knew it two years went by. Close of the 2009, preparing to pay my very late maintenance fee. I found my contract, contacted the company and was told someone would call me back. They did call back (mind you I had to find them). They said they dont waste the sellers time until they have a signed offer in hand. I questioned the 2years that they had the unit on their site and not 1 legitimate offer? They said they had 11 inquiries, just no serious offers. I even suggested to lower rate to facilitate a sale in the early stages of the mortgage/home decline crisis. I was told to be patient they had an offer comin Feb 2010, looked promising. Should not have trusted them but I did. Just found out today that all the numbers listed on the website and contracts, they are all disconnected! Very disappointing, because not all the departments knew what the other departments were doing. SALES Department and its crooked reps, spent our hard earned money-they probably stiffed customer service when they put the word out they were closing their call center, leaving those people to scramble for other employment...
I also am submitting in writing in this forum my request for full restitution $387.00 from this company. Im sure they have closed this avenue down and opened up right down the street, continuing business as usual!

I have already copied FL State Attorney Generals office on this correspondence -I suggest you all do the same! Buyer Beware!

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