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I used a service represented as Double My in 2012. I was happy with the service that I could totally
handle myself without a "live tech" or remote services. So in 2013, I thought it a good idea to continue so I paid their fee.
I never agreed to their 19.95 monthly fee for tech support. I thought I still had services for the 99.00 to be able to clean up
my computer on my own for instance unwanted adware, etc. Wrong, if you want to clean anything up you have to pay the
19.95 more a month for their "live tech support." This was competely misrepresented to me. NEVER AGAIN...CAN'T

Mar 20, 2013

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  • Fi
      Mar 20, 2013

    99% of these 'services' are nothing more than a way to steal your money. Make sure you complain, and report these people to the FTC and the Better Business Bureau in your area. If you chose to you could probably take them to small claims court and recover what you lost. If you need computer help, go to a mom and pop shop in your area. Support local business, and do NOT go to a place like Best Buy...they aren't much better, and they are way, WAY more expensive for what they do.

    Make sure you read all the documents before you sign anything.

    If people were more proactive and fought these kinds of rip-off-artists maybe we wouldn't have so many.

    Good luck...REPORT them please.

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  • De
      Mar 22, 2013

    I live in Texas and these foreign ###s are calling me 6 -8 times per day from two different 'numbers', one is a 0-----0 number and the other is a long number starting with a V. I have told them nicely and not so nicely to quit calling me. They tell me my computer has a dangerous virus and try to get me to let them access my computer. They don't say anything about charging. They say they represent Microsoft and are trying to fix these problems. I have gone off on them, each time madder and madder, and they just laugh. Today, I kept them on the phone for a good 20 minutes just messing with them until they finally hung up. I got the USTechSuppt number after asking the agent at least 20 times to give me a call back number in case we got disconnected. The agent each time acted like he didn't hear me and continued with trying to get me to give him access to my computer. Finally, he gave me the number. Oh yes, Monday, I will be calling the FTC, the BBB and Texas Attorney General!!!

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