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Us Sprint and N. C. O. Collections / Fraud

1 United States

The act of attempting to force through a bank check for an amount not agreed to or given permission by the debtor is considered an act of fraud by both the Federal and State agency involved in reviewing this complaint. It is my position that since U.S. Sprint refuses to call back the account at our request (and since U.S. Sprint states they have not sold the account and are still in control of it they have the power to take our account away from N.C.O. but simply refuse to) U.S. Sprint is acting in concert to commit this fraud as well and should be held legally responsible for this crime once it is proven so by the above stated agency’s.
U.S. Sprint is aware that they are contracting with a third party collection agency that has lost a multitude of law suits for illegal collection practices, has been fined to the tune of millions of dollars by he F.T.C. over the past several years for illegal collection practices and as they stand by this both illegal and unethical business behavior which includes complaints of financial fraud; U.S. Sprint is making the statement through their steadfast support of this contractor that they agree with the use of illegal and unethical business behavior that is in violation of both Federal and State laws written to prevent these activities.
If you do business with U.S. Sprint; you make this statement as well. Think about what the millions of Americans think and feel who have been victimized by the illegal collection practices on behalf of U.S. Sprint by their contractor N.C.O. Collections and ask if you want to be seen the same way? Would you spend your money with someone that treats their customers’ like this? If I will no longer be a customer with U.S. Sprint I highly doubt I’ll spend my money with anyone that does business with them. An act of fraud by attempting to submit a false bank check followed by profane and abusive diatribe by an N.C.O. collection manager by the name of Kevin Monroe on behalf of U.S. Sprint and I’m going to trust my personal business or consumer choices to others that support them in business? No; I’m not.

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