U.S. Postal Service - West Covina, CACeased Mailed Delivery

My local U.S. Post office has ceased mail delivery to our home. During the summer months we were having construction done to our home and our fencing was open during the day due to the activity. Mail stopped then and we were requested to close gate, move mail box to curve, provide immunization records for pets, and keep dogs locked. We have complied with all the request that were made by the local U.S. Post office. Note that we are the only fenced/gated home on this portion of the street. In addition there are several other dogs that walk our street during the day. We have contacted the local U.S. Post Office and addressed this. They refuse to continue delivery, because the delivery person is still complaining about dogs being loose. We have taken every measure to restrain our pets, we should not be liable for any others that roam or visit our property during the day. Because we are not home during the day we are unable to monitor strays and call the animal control. This situation is putting a burden on our daily lives---picking up mail, delayed deliveries on expected mail with deadlines, etc. Setting up a Post Box is not an option for us and we do not see why is needed as a result of the lack of cooperation from the local U.S. Post Office. We are submitting this report in hopes that you will investigate and orient us on how we can resolve this without jeopardizing our mail deliveries. We have lived in this neighborhood for over 16 years and in the past this was never a problem!!

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