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I am generally not one to complain but I seem to have a never ending problem with my postal carrier. For over one year I was unable to receive my bank statements by mail. I complained several times & was finally told that I needed proof from my bank to document this! My bank full well knowing that this was true provided me with a letter that my statements were correctly addressed, were being sent & were being returned as non deliverable. This went one for over one year and I was charged ten dollars EACH month by the bank for a returned statements. (Over $120.00 out of my pocket for using the US Postal Service).

I do get my bank statements now BUT junk mail is literally being crammed into my mail box when it would fit properly causing me to have to carefully sort through all of the junk mail to be sure that mail I really need is not mixed in with the junk mail.

Last but not least a few months ago I sent a very expensive custom made driftwood sculpture to my girlfriend.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Anderson, INWhen I took it to the post office I was ask if it was fragile & or needed to be insured. I told the postal worker that it was fragile and that the package was worth $200.00 I paid to have it insured and watched her as she "hammered" fragile all over the box with a rubber stamp! The package arrived with the sculpture in pieces and now my girl friend and I are going through proving it was broken in the mail, proving it was worth $200.00 proving this and proving that. Here is my problem with this situation. The US Post Office was more than happy to take the money for the insurance. Anyone that sees the sculpture can see its value. I don't think that both me and the receiver of the package should be getting the third degree to be paid the insurance claim owed!
I have had a stroke and walk with a cane. I have made several painful trips to both my bank & the post office over these matters & it does look like there is no end in site. With all due respect it does not look that hard to correctly deliver mail or a package but maybe it is. It's certainly starting to look that way.

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  • Du
      Aug 13, 2009

    The Postal Service needs to have a class on customer service and politeness. I went into Birmingham, Al main branch for one stamp. There
    was a gentlmen at the rear counter filling out a form to ship a package. I walked up to the counter to purchase a stamp and the lady at the counter said in a rude manner, that the gentlmen was in front of me, I turned and look at the man and he was still filling out his paperwork. She refused to sell me a stamp.
    She told me to get behind the the man still filling out the form to ship his package. I've been in customer service for 30 years in the auto industry, if I would have responded to a customer in that manner I would have been fired. When I walked out, the gentlman was still filling out his form, how long would it have took for her to sell me one stamp? I drove 15 miles to another Post Office and bought my stamp. Now I work for local goverment in a customer
    service environment and I greet people with a smile and politeness. It can be done.

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