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I already posted this in a comment, but I figured an actual complaint would be good awareness.

I recently just got a hold of US periodicals after placing an order in late 2008. This was a subscription for 3 years of Globe Magazine for 154 dollars. The magazines never came. As of March 2009 (as to follow the 60-120 days that they "may" not send magazines in the fine print due to processing) I called the company repeatedly and received no response, they literally seemed to disappear off the face of the planet, every time I called I was disconnected. I decided to cut my losses (we've all been ripped off at some point), that was until recently when I received a renewal notice in the mail. Behold I have a way to contact the company. This morning I called U.S. Periodicals at [protected] and raise inquisition of why I had not received my magazines and why they would be sending me a renewal notice less than a year into the supposed 3 year subscription, the customer service rep's response was something along the lines of "why didn't you call us?" When i explained that I have been trying to reach the company repeatedly over time and that they seemed to disappear and I had not received any of my magazines, he again attempted to justify it with "you should have contacted us with (insert information here)."
I finally lost my temper and said something along the lines of "So, you ripped me off and now expect me to pay another 96." To which he told me I was lying. I was flabbergasted and wanted to know why I wanted to be out 154 dollars, and note I was in a bit of a mood and called him a stupid fool. The customer service rep, then began to yell at me " we didn't rip you off, " I said yes, you did which was greeted with the repeated use of "[censored] You C***".

After calming down a bit, I decided to call the number back figuring this was a customer service rep and he had no excuse to speak to me in such a way regardless of the allegations. My son who heard the whole ordeal from the other room attempted to redial and sort this out peacefully received a professional sounding voice stating, "Your calls are no longer welcome here, I'm gonna have to block them."

So to sum it up, not only has this company ripped me off 154 dollars, they have also verbally insulted me. I am posting because I want everyone to know that this is a scam and someone who obviously has no respect for people, regardless of age.

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      29th of Sep, 2010
    US Periodicals - Magazines
    US Periodicals
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    I was contacted by a gentleman stating that my subscription for Globe Magazine was abount to expire 10/10.( I buy these magazines for my brother who is a quad and in a wheelchair.) He really gets a kick out of these moviestars and their antics. ) The gentleman ( which he is not) told me that if I took out GlobeMagazine for 1 yr and I could break up pmt $122.50 into two pmts each of $61.25. Now the kicker if I did this he would also mail out 52 issues of Star magazine free. Now I have had these amounts withdrawn from my cking account.This month there is a 3rd pmt taken from my cking acct. I called spoke with the same man he said they have me on record ordering National Enquirer also the amount $ 61.25 total $122.50. I asked to hear this recording no no no. He would mail me confirmation letter. I said this would not do. Well I did get letter the date of globe, star is set to expire on label 10/10. Also another pmt will be taken. I have called three times. Their # is not working please try again. Does anyone have any idea.

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      21st of Jul, 2011
    US Periodicals - Unauthorized material
    US Periodicals
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    Two weeks ago my son, who is a minor, started receiving adult men's magazines. He brought it to me because he had not ordered any magazines and we as a family only purchase certain magazines each month. The address was made out to him personally although his name was not spelled correctly.
    I called the magazine and they apologized but said it was ordered through a third party and passed me to a clearing house.
    They also told me the same thing and said it was ordered via US Periodicals, whom I had never heard of, but the clearing house gave me the phone number.
    I called and they were closed for networking updated, I have called three times now and the same message is played on a loop and I cannot get anyone there to find out why they are sending my son this magazine

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      9th of Jun, 2016
    US Periodicals - telephone marketing
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    Someone from US Periodicals called to sell me a magazine subscription. I told the marketer that I did not respond to telephone marketing and that he could send me the offer in the mail if he chose. What they in fact sent me was an invoice! I hadn't even opened it to check, since I had made no commitment over the phone. Then, someone else from US Periodicals called me again and got me to confirm that I had gotten an invoice in the mail. When they referred me to a collection agency and I listened to a tape of the second phone call, I realized that they had, by getting me to admit that they had sent me an invoice, gotten me to "consent" to taking the subscription. I had no such intention! These people have been tacitly dishonest and manipulative.

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