US PeriodicalsGlobe Magazine (1 yr - 52 issues) never rec'd, 4 payments Total $104.00 pd in full 11/12/2014

We rec'd a statement that said we would receive 52 issues (1 yr) subscription of Globe Magazine for a total of $104.00. My 1st payment 8/14/2014 $26.00 2nd payment 9/18/2014, still no Globe. On 11/12/2014, I made the final payment of $52.00 for a total of $104.00!
After 2 months of not receiving even one magazine I wrote them a letter. Telling them I either wanted my Globe Magazine or to be refunded immediately. That was on January 14, 2015. Still no response! On January 21, 2015, we called US Periodicals at [protected], spoke to Mike Ryan, who said he was aware of some problems however, he was the Mgr in Charge, he then promised that he would personally make sure that we receive our Globe Magazine, but would take three weeks to process the order, but he would make sure we would receive another 3 months free due to our inconvenience. I explained to him that I would be contacting someone if it is not received after yet one more 3 week time lapse. Well, it has indeed been 3 wks once more. We still have not received one single Globe Magazine. What are consumers to do? Please advise! I have tried everything that I know of! Very Disappointed that these companies get away with this kind of thing everyday! Honest people always get punished for others bad behavior. Looking for an ounce of justice! I do have this all documented! Thank You! Ms Jack Hardman Please feel free to contact me via e-mail: [protected]

Feb 14, 2015

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