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US Passport Agency / passport expedited, still not received!

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I applied for my passport on June 25 and they told me I would receive it in 2 weeks since I expedited it and paid for overnight express mail. I am supposed to leave on Tuesday July 17th to Italy and they told me it is still processing and there is nothing they can do it is up to the agency to get it to me by then although they are aware that I have tickets to leave on the 17th.

On the phone they tell me it could take up to 4 weeks or more for expedited service when the website clearly states "2-3 weeks"! This is false advertisement and is totally unacceptable and along with that there is 45 minute wait times to speak to so-called customer service representatives who all seem to have an attitude problem and do little to help you! The best they could do is send and e-mail to the agency stating that I need to leave on a certain date. This e-mail is probably ignored anyways since I've emailed them also and never received a response. Also apparently their phone system is rigged because many times I have to call several times to even get the option to be placed on hold to speak to a CSR, most of the times it says your call cannot be completed because all CSR's are busy and then disconnects your call. For 2 days straight I called and was told after waiting 50 minutes on hold both times that their systems are down and they would not be able to do passport lookups.

The US Passport Agency is a perfect example of BAD BUSINESS. False claims, unacceptable practices.

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  • Da
      17th of Jul, 2007

    Here is a follow-up to this story.

    Note: I've called and have had memos sent from the "customer service representatives" every day since this complaint was posted.

    So here it is the day I'm supposed to leave, I have my tickets laying here and still no passport. My flight leaves in 3 hours. I called them as soon as they opened this morning, probably the first caller of the day considering I had no wait time at all and told them and supposedly they sent a memo to the agency here in Chicago asking them if I can do a will-call and pick it up, still no call from the agency.

    The last 2 days the CSR's sent e-mails to them telling them my situation and requested that my passport be finished and sent out Fed-ex overnight delivery, didn't happen.

    I obviously did not receive expedited service. This is beyond unacceptable, apparently they just ignore these memos from the CSR's and that seems to be all they are able to do is send e-mails. I've sent the agency about 3 e-mails myself and never received a response from them so it is really no surprise.

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  • Ja
      27th of Oct, 2008

    My name is Jaden Kimberly Priebe, I'm 10 years old. We've been planning a trip for Puerta Vallata for about 3 months. Long story short we went to the US Postal Service, in Park City Utah, we were told a passport card would be a great passport for a kid. The woman that was helping up told us we could save some money by getting the " New Passport Card". However she didn't explain it was only good for, Land and Sea Travel! Long story short we flew from SLC to Phenox, than my passport was denied for air travel. I sat in the Phenox airport with my dads friends and children, we watched as they all flew off to Mexico for one of my dad's best friends wedding. We never made it to Mexico! We lost a lot of money because of this untrained woman working for the Pass Port agency. If this has happened to you please contact me at: [protected] Thanks Jaden

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  • Pe
      29th of May, 2009

    never received my new passport but they diod send me oldf one with one of my news pics. Hownice od them!! What a scam

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  • Ke
      3rd of Aug, 2009

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you. I'm 30 Years old. and Recently sent off for my Son's passport to be renewed. Well, for Children under 16 it not a renewal it's a WHOLE NEW APPLICATION. I sent this application back in MAY (actually date may 13, 2009) Here it is August 3, 2009 and Guess what...STILL NO APPLICATION, NO NEW PASSPORT, NO ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, OR MY MONEY BACK. (yet they cashed my check). Since June 3, which is the last time i spoke to a LIVE person regarding his passport they asked for new photos stating the old ones were damaged (who damaged them because they were sent in the folder the photo place took them originally) well they have no idea. So i spent money to OVERNIGHT these photos for them to Return them to me the next week with a letter stating they no longer needed them. So i wait again here it is June 15th. Still no call nor a passport. Well if you didnt need them then what the hold up now...Like you I called the Customer Service line (because that's the only means of contact to them to the outside world) and they did the same to me sent an Email which they call it a "NOTIFICATION" might i add said it was sent "EMERGENCY" by a supervisor and again sent again on June 24, and June 31, and and july 15 and july 31 and August 3. Well Guess what, "STILL NO CALL" what an emergency huh. Well as you know I"m so frustrated that i started to break down and cry. I was tried of people telling me there's nothing they can do, but send email all day. What happen before we had computers, to send emails too. Needless to say, I finally got on with a supervisor and informed me to tell me where i can write a complaint letter to because this was absolutely ridiculous. She informed me of two address, the Agencies Address, and the National Passport Services for Managers (where you can send all you're complaint). I sent them letter, and then i got smart. I went online. TYPED in the addresses to these places and whatever numbers, fax numbers or emails came up with those address. I didn't care who they were, If it said PASSPORT they were going to get my nasty Letter. long story short. It's still AUGUST 3rd after this back and forth since 9 am this morning. I finally get a call at 2pm same day (I'm guess either someone got a fax or email from me) The lady states she's from passport Services and she needs to Verify my address because they're going send out his passport overnight tonight and it will be here tomorrow. WOW...I took me to go through all of this emailing, faxing, ...sending NOTIFICATIONS...and mailing out letters for you to do something you should've did 4-5 months ago.
    Just to make you laugh I happened to asked the lady on the other end...Why did it take you guys so long to send out my passport when you're website states 4-6 WEEKS. She replied, "We have thousand of applications that need to be process and that's how long its taking to get them sent out!" All i could do was laugh inside and tell myself she's only doing what her boss told her to do which was give me a call and make sure my application leaves their office TODAY! and I'm sure she just didn't know what i just went through to get someone to respond to me.
    In Conclusion...Yea it's REALLY Frustrating to deal with these people who DO NOT WANT TO DO THEIR JOBS, but you have to keep pushing and whatever LEADS you come across act on it you never know who just might send out that little help to push you through.

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  • Co
      9th of Dec, 2012

    I drove 8 hours last week to get my passport card from the regional agency. The guy said he would have it printed in 3 hours if I wanted to wait for it otherwise if i would like to get back on the road to drive home before rush hour he could have it overnighted to me guarentted in my hands by friday, i would just have to pay a little more. I asked him several times...are you sure it will be in my hands friday since i have surgery in mexico monday. He kept saying yes yes. So i trusted him and paid more so i could avoid and extra 2 to 3 hours of dead stops in their rush hour. Friday came and gone and never saw a passport. I called UPS friday and Sat just to find out that the agency hasnt even given them my package that was "guarentted" in my hands friday. I have left a couple mean messages for the agency and lets see if they call me monday after i will be loading a plane for texas and crossing the border to mexico without a passport now. I am threw the roof pissed off!!! If i get stuck in mexico because of their actions I am going to find some way to sue the hell out of them. Considering I have this all in writing with the agencys name and signiture stating I would have it this past friday. Anyone know of any attorneys in the minnesota area that would like to sue them for me?

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