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US / Felt like I was scammed and see if I can get my money back

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I signed a contract with online america and they said I had 14 days to cancel. I cancel throuh their web site and before I heard a reply it was past the time to cancel so they said I would have to pay the the 19.99 amonth for a year. They wer suppose to give technial support to set up for advertising and they did set the appointment but then never called. I know everyone is having a hard time but my husdand is on social security and we just can't afford this. And After the 14 day I didn't get the frist order. I would appreciate any help I could get
Sherry Lumpkin

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  • Je
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    My website name was I think I renamed it;;;;; with, but I am sorry I haven't gotten very far with the website. At least I can't bring it up on my Computer. Please note: I have changed my computer address to MyCustomer Log in Name is #22376722. My question is: Can I carry on with this or is my initial investment lost?

  • Jo
      10th of May, 2009
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    i feel i was scam, the person that spoke to me said i could call and get help setting up my web site but the person i spoke to was only interesd in selling me to have them set up my web site for a ridicules price that any one on here could not afford. the guy on the phone made it sound like when a person went on the site they would fine me no problem and the ladie said it would be close to impossible with out thier advertising allso i agree to buying dish net work in future and explain that i didn't have the money at this time but they went a head and billed my creadit card costing me a over balance of 254.95 which i have to figure out how to pay befor i get bad credit. i wouldn't be trying to do this if i had money to start with.

  • Ca
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    I did not lose any money because I refused to give out my credit card info to them.

    1) When these so called "one-time" opportunity arrive unsolicited be cautious. Why did they pick you to give you such a "great opportunity" to make X-amount of money?

    2) When they insist they want to "secure" this opportunity "for you" and want your credit card info ask yourself why they want to "secure" it "for you" or that was was actually securing it "FOR THEM" to legally pull money from your credit card.

    3) When I insisted I needed to think about it, they went on asking why I wanted to keep on doing what I had been doing that were not working even though they had no idea of WHAT I have been doing and was I successful or not.

    When I refused to give out my credit card info for them to "secure this one-call opportunity" after they tried for about 2 min., they hang up on me. No "can I call you back to follow up with you on your decisions" or "what other information from us do you need to help you to make a decision?". More like "if I spend this much time and can not get that $119 CAD (it is much cheaper for the "Canadian associates" in August 2009) you are wasting my time kind of hanging up. No "thank you for your time", "Good Buy" but "here is my answer to you" -- whatever that means and then dead air. That tells me what kind of customers service and supports they would give me when they get what they want.


    Almost all cellphones nowadays have a camera and a voice recording function. Turn on the speaker phone function on your land line (I was lucky they called me on that) and make a recording to your heart content. This will serve you a very good reminder of your conversation. They tell you the conversation will be recorded for "quality control" reasons and you should also tell them you are recording the conversation for "keeping a record" reasons. I think it is only fair if this company REALLY want to do serious business with you. If they back off or anything like hanging up on you. You know what kind of company you are dealing with. And you just saved yourselves a lot of grieve by missing a "one-call opportunity".

    Good luck! Isn't it that's what they were telling you when they picked you to give you this wonderful money making opportunity?

  • Ca
      28th of Mar, 2011
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    I just recieved a call from this company I told them I'd have to get back with them.It was going to be $119.98 I said I didn't have that much, so was told the guy would drop it to a one time charge of $59.98 plus $19.99 a month & I would get $125.00 for everyone that toke a free dish, + another $125.00 everyone that checked my web.& they would set my web up & everything.well this all sounds great as as alot of people say "if it sounds to good to be true it usally can I get help here, what should I do?thank you everyone

  • Re
      30th of Mar, 2011
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    Hi everyone. I too got a call just now from this "company" and the call lasted a good 40 minutes. I really have to commend the persuasive skills of the "agents on-line". They are very focussed, talk a lot about the "one-time opportunity" to help you, and if you resist thier offer, they magnanimously dip into their "promotional allowance" to give you a further discount on the $119.98 to bring it down to $39.99!!! The lady wanted to get me started right away to help ME make more money from the very same day... to good to be true? You're right it is.
    When I asked her for a number I could reach her at, saying I needed to think it over before committing myself to this scheme, I didn't get any. When the call came in on my mobile, there was no number visible, but it did say "private number"... what is all this privacy about? When I refused to give my credit card details over the phone, all the enthusiasm died out in the lady's voice, as she realised she was not "making a kill" today. And when I inisted on having a website address, it was given, but then the call suddenly died out with no goodbye or friendly feelings from the Online America group.
    My advice to all of you out there is, when ever you buy something, you like to see the product first isn't it? Well the same goes for buying someting (websites) on the the internet as well. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS TO ANYONE, especially to an anonymous voice on the phone. How do you know the person is who he/she says they are? Be smart... its your money they want to take... because for them its easy money.
    Be safe and be smart - on phones and even on the internet.

  • On
      2nd of May, 2012
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    these people should be punished for taking advantage of poor people like myself, I sure hope I can get some of my money back from these scammers...

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