US Money Cash / Scam

1 VA, United States

You are exactly right. Everyone has a reason to be pissed off about this issue. Number [protected].Do not give these people any money!!! It is a scam. There is no such department as the Federal Crime Department. Any information that is put into the internet is sold and the ### get it. If they call again and they will because they now have your name on a list. Tell them to hold on you are getting paper to write on. Tell them you are recording this conversation because you are having a hard time understanding them. Ask them for the company that is sueing you, ask for the supervisor, ask any kinds of questions you want and then let them know that you have reported this number to the Federal Trade commision, the local ploice and they are tracing the number and then make sure as soon as you get of the phone with them you call your local police department and report it and make sure you get a report number. The police need to have these reports so that the FBI will have enough information and enough compliants to work on putting an end to this nonsense.
The internet is a wonderful thing HOWEVER it is also very dangerous. The got my information because I was trying to get a free credit report.
These people called my mother looking for me and she freaked out. I explained to her it was a scam . several days later they called her and told her she owed money and the whole same story. They are theives and need to be placed under the jail.!!!


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