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James Bradley now spruiking US Invest has been and is still involved in multiple high level scams - all with one intention - to defraud people of their money.
James Bradley has been involved in numerous scams with Stephen keating including Baranstone, KPI, PDF, Tradesmart technologies, AIC International, Synergy financials, LTC Services and the king of them all Cleaner Energy.
Other people involved in these scams are also part of the same Organised Crime Syndicate protected by the notorious Queensland Fraud Squad. Paying the police works in Queensland - ask James Bradley who openly admits to having police on his payroll.
Sean O'Dalaigh, Karen hartnett, Anthony Hartnett, Aaron Murray, Allan Foulkes, Sean Kelly - the list of criminals goes on and on.
They all work together - they run scams together and they are protected together by the Queensland fraud squad.
Aaron Murray is currently running Wealthonline - all the money will disappear - has in every other company these criminals and conmen are involved in and the police will say nothing we can do about it.
THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED - no more money to the police or politicians to ignore Organised Crime - EVERYONE knows these people - DO SOMETHING or do they have the dirt on too many people - BLOODY DISGRACEFUL
Photo below from James Bradley's facebook page - with his good mate Steo keating - much more info and proof here

Jul 11, 2015
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  • An
      14th of Jul, 2015

    Read this rubbish from James Bradley in his latest scam - US INVEST.
    Also note the photo of two great scam artists together - Stephen Keating and james Bradley - straight off Bradley's facebook page - he is a liar and a conman.

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  • Us
      27th of Aug, 2015

    All fabricated lies and total rubbish. The James Bradley your speaking of from U.S. invest never did any of those things. All of this is just the opinion of 1 man trying to slander James for his own personal reasons. So sad that someone with an axe to grind can go on the Internet, create a bunch of threads and posts on forums and link them all together and try to create some false accusations to destroy a hard working business mans name for their own revenge. This was all done by an ex-employee who was let go for the same standard reasons most people are let go, but best to take the high road and keep private what he did wrong. Disgraceful what can be done to peoples reputation on the Internet with no judge or jury or evidence required... Just slander behind your keyboard and walk away.

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  • Us
      27th of Aug, 2015

    So I'm on the phone to USInvest today and a staff member tells me about this complaint about James. We laughed about it and I went on here right away to see what was written. Looks like USInvest have just written something too. So here's my two cents

    Guys, I'm a client of USInvest and there is No way James Bradley can be branded a con man. This complaint is so silly and very far fetched. I have been buying real estate from his company for over 3 years and have bought multiple times, never had an issue and have personally met him on many occasions. His staff are well trained, they do what they say they are going to do and they get the job done every time. I'm a raving fan of his service and have made a lot of money from the real estate investments I bought from his company. I totally agree with the above comment from USinvest that this must be the work of an ex-employee with a grudge.
    For those of you reading this. I have personally flown into the property markets James and his team operate in and seen first hand what they do. I have also met over 20 of his other clients on these trips and stay in touch with most of them and they are all raving fans too and have never felt ripped off by what USInvest and James' team has done for them. USInvest is a great company and James is a solid good person bottom line! This complaint is total nonsense

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  • Us
      27th of Aug, 2015

    The above was written by a client of ours and emailed to us today... So we gladly posted for him. He will likely post the same too.

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  • Tr
      27th of Aug, 2015

    USInvest have already posted for me, as I emailed them what I was going to post. Thank you for that

    Again to reiterate my thoughts as an actual client of USInvest. James Bradley is a good man. Has a great service in a tough industry and does right by his clients in every way possible. I've seen it all first hand and like I wrote in my post above that US Invest posted for me, I know 20 or so of their clients and they all feel the same as me. Great company, solid service, and James is a decent human being. This complaint is so nonsensical it's borderline funny if it wasn't so damaging to his good reputation. Some people need to get a life and move on, rather than try to get revenge for being fired. Seriously!!

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  • Ge
      13th of Feb, 2016

    James Bradley is a career criminal and con man - why has he run away like a coward once a few complaints come out.
    He has made a career out of defrauding people.
    All of the videos he made for US Invest are complete lies - he admitted to running many scams - he didn't even deny them.
    he low life ### uses his daughters illness as an excuse to steal and defraud people.
    Plenty of evidence agianst this criminal and he will be held to account no matter where he tries to hide.
    Of course he disappeared very quickly from San Diego - he is now back in his home country of Ireland working on the next big scam.
    JAMES BRADLEY is a career conman - watch his videos - it is all lies - all the companies he ran were scams - he is a liar, a criminal and worse than a drug dealer or a pimp - he is also a coward who believes he is above the law.
    JAMES BRADLEY ran MANY SCAMS in Australia - he openly admits it. he could not care less about the millions he has stolen from innocent people to support his lifestyle. LYING IRISH ###
    Have attached photos of Bradley with Steifan Ceitinn - these guys ran MANY scams and Ceitinn is currently before the courts for current scams.
    ORGANISED CRIME - yes Bradley we are coming for you - you can't lie your way out of this.
    Hundreds more of these JAMES BRADLEY.
    These same criminals ran many scams worth tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to feed their lifestyle and to pay off police.

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  • Ge
      27th of Jan, 2017

    @George Parker1 This comment is not truthful and all information at the time was believed to be correct but it has turned out not too be so.
    Apologies to James Bradley, Dan Montano and Ryan McFarland for the comments.
    Retracted in full.

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  • Ge
      13th of Feb, 2016

    And that is why James Bradley shut down US Invest and ran away - this is exactly how he operates.
    His day is coming.
    Made a career out of defrauding people and writing his own referrals and references on the web.
    His videos actually prove he is a liar - go back and watch them then ask him what companies he is talking about - we did.
    EVERY COMPANY HE MENTIONED is a known scam - he made millions from running scams then running away.
    Hers a few of his MULTI MILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES - Barnastone (SCAM), Aussoft (SCAM), Tradesmart Technologies (SCAM), Apple Investments (SCAM) KPI (SCAM), CleaNER eNERGY (scam), - THE LIST GOES ON AND ON - WE KNOW jAMES WE HAVE DONE OUR RESEARCH.
    You can lie to your clients about your successful business career -IT WAS BUILT ON SCAMS and defrauding thousands of people.
    You ran because you know we are coming.

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  • Ge
      27th of Jan, 2017

    @George Parker1 This issue has been resolved and it is apparent that James Bradley, Ryan McFarland and Dan Montano were not involved in a scam at US Invest contrary to the information supplied to us.
    Please accept our complete and sincere apologies for the comments made.

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  • Gc
      20th of Feb, 2016

    A bit more about the hard done by always mistaken James Bradley.
    He shut down US Invest - ran off with the money as he usually does - left the creditors with nothing.
    He has now stared two new companies doing exactly the same thing - Wealthceos run by Dan Montano and Your Wealth Education run by other US Invest director ryan Mcfarland.
    Both Ryan McFarland and Dan Montano are very well aware of James Bradley's history of running scams with organised crime figures but ignore these facts to make money - bloody disgraceful
    Interesting how both Dan Montano and Ryan Mcfarland are trying to erase all evidence of their time and major involvement in US Invest - I would do the same especially when the law suits start = good luck boys your mentor Bradley will be gone with the money once again

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  • Ge
      27th of Jan, 2017

    @gconn98 All comments above are false and all information regarding James Bradley, Ryan McFarland and Don Montana is to be retracted.
    Sincere apologies for the comments made.
    At the time the comments appeared to be factual.

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  • Gc
      20th of Feb, 2016

    Could also add Bradley has done the same as usual - run away with the money - left all his clients in the lurch and started up 2 new companies with his sycophants Dan Montano and Ryan Mcfarland
    Wealthceos run by Dan Montano and Your Wealth Education are both owned by Bradley and are just a continuation of the sca.
    This is typical IRISH BOY organised crime behaviour - shut a company down and start up new ones doing the same scam.
    Also attached a few guys who worked for Bradley - currently in court for ORGANISED CRIME - ask Bradley about his great hedge fund KPI - who ran it - one of the East Boys.
    Ask Bradley about Apple Investments - who ran it Stephen keating - another one arrested for Organised Crime
    Bradley ran many scams with keating - not hard to find that out.
    Another great mate of the Bradley family Sean O'Dalaigh - John Daly or whatever name he is using this month - ORGANISED CRIME

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  • Da
      25th of Feb, 2016

    First off I'm very sorry you were wronged by my old company and/or my old bosses. I just wanted to clear the air that my website is not run by anyone except me. I have worked very hard on my reputation to go beyond the call of duty with my clients. I'm more than happy to speak with you on the phone and atleast give you the information you need before ruining my reputation. If you need proof, I have a list of clients that you can contact to speak on my behalf.

    I would really appreciate the benefit of the doubt until you speak and hear my side. It may be too late, but I would hope you take down my name from your complaints. I have no affiliation with him and it's unfortunate my name is run through the mud because I truly want to help people. Please help me understand your situation and contact me so we can have a solution to your personal problem. I'd like to help. You can contact me at contact @

    Thank you.

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  • Ge
      27th of Jan, 2017

    @dan3487 Sincere apologies for dragging you into this Dan.
    All comments are now proven to be totally incorrect and Dan was not involved in any fraudulent activity at all.

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  • Ar
      26th of Feb, 2016

    And the noose is tightening on James Bradley.
    One of his associates an ex fraud squad detective has just been arrested for ORGANISED CRIME>
    Ask James Bradley what scams he ran with this guy - we know James Bradley - they ran from this man's offices.
    It has taken years to get this man Mick Featherstone - WE ARE COMING FOR YOU and your scamming friends and family.
    Live the high life while you can James - ORGANISED CRIME, MONEY LAUNDERING - you will spend a very long time behind bars.

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  • Je
      29th of Feb, 2016

    So Bradley has bled US Invest dry, had all his shills report what a great man he is and disappeared to start his new scam.
    Pity the poor guys left behind but they would have known exactly what James Bradley was up to from the first time they listened to his lies.
    You only have to watch the US Invest videos - they are totally unbelievable - anyone who believed the total lies Bradley openly told on the videos is either completely stupid or turned a blind eye hoping to make money.
    Watch the vides - it is very obvious the man James Bradley is a compulsive liar and conman - not one bit of truth in anything he said.
    Suppose he put up most of the money for US Invest so the others thought he was a great bloke - a career criminal more like it.

    To the people who knew what he was doing (and you did know) no sympathy - you get what you deserve - greed is a big motivator to ignore illegal activities.
    It will all come out - pity you won't know where Bradley is - we might tell you when the court date is set.

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  • Us
      23rd of Jan, 2017

    I'm James Bradley who this thread was written about. I originally thought it was written by an ex-employee with an axe to grind, but i later discovered it was written by none other than the famous cyber thief couple Alex Herbertson and Deborah Herbertson. Carol Reed is their accomplice (photos below of them). Alex and his team target successful businessmen and threaten to destroy there names online unless you pay them above 6 figures. I refused and for the last two years i've been subject to thousands of posts online. Happens every week. They create tons of psuedo names, but it's easy to tell its all the same person as write with the same style of attack. It took me two years, thousands of dollars of private detective work and help from the cyber police to track down who the real people behind this was. And it is Alex and Deborah Herbertson from Armadale Western Australia. The operate this racket from there home with the help of Carol Reed.

    These attacks have damaged my businesses and my personal life, but my legal team is coming after them. The authorities have been notified to this criminal action.

    For the record I have never been apart of even know of 99% of the companies Alex is trying to brand me with. It's a classic attempt to list a ton of company names with a scammy background attached and say I'm involved so it looks like his attack on me holds water. Then he sprinkles in my real company to tarnish with other bad apples. The 1% of the companies he lists that I was apart of, were legitimate companies that has solid business practices and happy clients. Disgraceful what people can get away with online nowadays. Truly shocking

    Yes i was apart of USInvest. me and 3 other owners. USInvest served over 1, 600 high net worth investors on a daily basis for 6 years. We held a very high standard and have a ton of happy clients. Do we have some un-happy? of course what company doesnt, but NONE of them are un-happy enough to attack us online like Alex Herbertson has been doing. he's a standover extortion racket. A criminal targeting businessmen online. Here is the photos of this lowlife.

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  • Em
      27th of Jan, 2017

    Sincere apologies to James Bradley, Ryan McFarland and Dan Montano for the posts above.
    The facts are james Bradley was a victim as well as the other people mentioned in this post.
    Once again sincere apologies for the posts.

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