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us / Credit card to build credit

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(He said you were all idiots and dint know what you were talking about!)...I as all of you got several calls i looked into one of them and yes i too was offered the 2500$ credit limit if i payed them 250.00$ first. when the man asked me for my bank account information i asked why and i didnt feel comfortable doing it, his answer was abrupt and he said if im not authorized to take money out how could i do it? He was defensive about the question and somewhat rude. I luckily hung up the phone during the first question of the recording process. I had given my account info, so after checking out this site i called the company back to insure nothing was completed and to tell them i looked into the scam...the man was instistant that everyone saying this stuff on here were "idiots" because they didnt know what they were talking about. You all thought you were getting free money. And just answering yes to all the questions because of that fact and werent really listening to the questions and terms...Im glad i found this site first. What made me really suspisous is looking up the website after my disconnect of the first call. It looked fishy.

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  • As
      23rd of May, 2008
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    I was also a victim of this company. They called and mislead me to believe they were an actual credit card company and the card could be used at any store. The took 250 dollars out of my bank account. When the card came, I realized the card was only to be used at their online store that has a very poor selection of items. I called to cancel and they played back a tape of me agreeing to everything. Now they take 30 dollars out of my account every month and I cant cancel or get my money back. I am not sure what to do!

  • Ro
      7th of Oct, 2010
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    It is so unfortunate to read your horror story about working for Goldline. I have never personally EVEN spoken with a rep at Goldline, but I am definitely not going to purchase gold or silver from them. I am an avid precious metals investor and I have been extremely happy with the firms that I have used. I have been buying from Blanchard and Regal Assets becuase they have great customer service, competitive prices, and fast delivery.

  • Ja
      8th of Jan, 2013
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    Wow. Scary Stuff. I just hat to read this kind of stuff. It makes me sick to think that people like this are ready to crawl out from under a rock and take advantage of people.

    There are good and bad companies out there. I don't know much about Goldline but I will keep your warning in mind when talking with friends. It seams when ever there is money involved there are always dirt bags out there that are willing to take advantage of people. Like I said I don't know anything about Goldline accept the garbage I have read on this site about them. I will not place judgement on them. Instead I will heed your warning and use caution if dealing with them.

    I suggest trying Regal Assets next time. I learned about Regal Assets after visiting a dot com site called irasgold that happens to be owned and operated by a married couple (or so they say) I don't have any reason not to believe them. I left a feedback on one of the articles on their site in an attempt to contact the couple. I am lucky I did because they are totally cool. They offered me a much better deal then if I had just called the 1-800 number or gone straight to the Regal Assets company.

    I don't know of anyone or any other site that offers money back on your gold and silver purchase. The prices Regal Assets offers on precious metals is extremely competitive so I was shocked when they offered me an even better deal. Keep in mind they do not advertise this special deal it is shared only with those that contact them directly. You will not find anything on their site that talks about the discount. Leave a comment on their site and tell them Jackie sent you. Not sure it will help but its worth a try. Of course I had to wait a while for a check to show up in my mailbox but it was kinda cool to get paid money back for investing in precious metals.

    Either way I feel Regal Assets is among one of few respectable companies you can work with and if you are not interested in the discount you could just go straight to the Regal Assets site. That is if Goldline hasn't scared you away from investing altogether. Just remember once you make direct contact with Regal Assets you can no longer qualify for the discount offered by irasgold (my buddy learned this the hard way) apparently the contact must start from the irasgold website. There might be others that offer this discount so take a look around if you want. I wasn't able to find one but it does not mean you won't have better luck then me .

    Good luck, be smart and invest wisely.

  • Ma
      7th of May, 2014
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    regal assets is widely known to control other web sites that you think are giving impartial, legit and unbiased reviews of all gold ira companies but actually they are just promoting regal.

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