Us Attorney's Office, Et Al / blackballed an entire family of 9

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

My name is sonja jeneen pritchett, I am 49 years of age [protected], I have 8 children 7son's, & 1 daughter. Steven thompson [protected], samona drink [protected], sedrick holcomb [protected], slone wofford [protected], sergio bridges [protected], syrus jackson [protected], seth chapman [protected], identical twin syed chapman [protected]. All of our identities are being used by people that illegal attorneys have hired, along with the department of welfare, whom has placed our information under other people, they are using our id# under medical and food stamps. Leaving myself & my children homeless with no medical assistance & no income. Attorneys are filing lawsuits, & have been since 2011. They have covered up the original case with cases of cv. Ex: my complaint against the state of california, = u. S. Vs california they've covered it with tyree duane harris vs oregon state prison, stealing the funds. I know mr. Harris he has just graduated high school, he's never been locked up, his father has. This is how they're stealing. They've paid clerks at the circuit court along with judges, ex: judge p. Ball-reed munez, distributed lawsuit funds from case 2016-s-00407, that money came from my complaint, my lawsuit. I down loaded distribution funds from 2015, 2016, & they sent for a new case under stevens, micheal 7449, they use 2 first names to steal, & their being helped by clerks that they've paid off, with houses, cars, & money in which they email the offers. I was told by this judge that I no longer have to come to court, why if its my court date & my money that she's distributing. This judge gave our funds to mr. Rickey & clifford chapman, along with mr. Micheal jackson, they switched identities with the 2brothers, & gave the name micheal clifford to mr. Jackson, placing my social & the twins socials under the illegal names. Clerks tajuana campbell aka tonja cambell or campbell, using my social security number stealing property along with her daughters father mr. Sydney sims, an ex con convicted 25years. They place my info under criminals so that they can keep taking cases to court to keep stealing, lawsuit funds. They use 2first names to do it, ex: david sydney, the first name of the illegal attorney, & the first name of the criminal. These attorneys have made up an illegal contract giving sole dependency over myself and my children to illegal aliens, & housing them under our/my information. A wakeef, aiysha & abina, I have the original file & I tried to appeal it at the appealate courts, clerks were offered payment by email, they refused to take it, I still have it in my possesion. Now they've placed my information under chinese and indian people (there is no sharon pritchett), in which I am neither. We are black & proud to be it, why should we feel belittled because of their ignorance. They've paid people to stalk us 2 of them are in the kkc right now, connected to the computer that i'm on watching what i'm writing to order for that to happen, someone had to pay them also. We're being stalked by cta, xfinity cable trucks, streets & sanitation trucks, cook county sheriffs van lp#527, chicago police mini van lp#1531, park district van, para transit medical vans., scaring my children. All involved: kendall county police/ they've made illegal police reports against me, when i've never resided in kendall county, I had to ask friends where were they located? Chicago police dept. For filing complaints against them & their investigators, this is (Retaliation). H. E. Police dept., schaumburg police dept., cook county sheriffs, stalked me into harrison & kedzie police station to file a police report about this illegal contract, a lady came in with a financial statement to pay them for my finger prints & eye photos, the statement was accepted by a sargent dooley/ dudley. Cha illegally housed people under our social security numbers, hud has received several complaints from me and have done nothing to solve them, in fact they've placed people in housing under the person's information that actually takes the complaint & then give that person a house of their own., dept. Of welfare, they sell my signature to attorneys, fedex, us postal serv., the person delivering this mail to 682 e sibley dolton, is the same police officer that beat my son steven in 2004, I have several claims at the attorney generals off, the person that they had pretend to be me in court was the sister/niece of joeseph bannister, this person shot my cousin sharon banks 4x's, then turned the gun on her sister, henrietta banks, shooting her in the head twice, killing her instantly. How is it that these illegal people keep popping up in my life with, & around my children? They to were hired by the attorney generals off. The ardc, in which I just dropped off 11 complaints, all of the attorneys who's names are in the illegal contract, and recent attorneys that I didn't hire. H. O. B., I have an black lungs cancer account, family members can be paid 300k, these illegal attorneys, paid 580k to the mosque, for mr. Rickey & clifford chapman, whom neither are no kin (Family) to me nor my twins. I been requesting an dna from clifford for several years, he's never responded, & yes i'm the mother. I would like for those funds to be returned. I never hired the senators office, I was stalked there, & they offered funds to the receptionist so I took the original form with me, just because they came out and sat next to me, doesn't mean that they are hired, illegal attorneys does the same thing, they ride the elevator or walk next to me to make it look like I know them or that i've hired them, none of the above. If we cant have our own money, no one else can. Child support, they have me paying child support, under the chapmans, I don't owe these two anything. The 100$ that I should get, they're stealing that, every time I go to the atm, its insufficient funds. The executive inspector generals off, this office has received over 20 complaints from me since 2012, they've done nothing to solve any of those complaints, mr. Chris novel. Family services, I went to them with all 4 of my sons to be housed, they refused to service us, 1140 w. 79th street. Chase bank ny, chase bank 10 s. Dearborn chicago, us bank, american bank, citi bank, bank of america, yahoo, boost, metro pcs, t-mobile, ard capital (giving out annuity checks), cadillac, neisaun, toyota, ford, kia, chevy, volts wagon, jeep, state farm, wells fargo, e financial, they've financed everyone under my social security number, using other names, ex: princella wilkins-watson, or crincella wilkins, both the same person, both illegal.

Sep 13, 2017
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  •   Sep 13, 2017

    Lady, what the hell are you going on about? Your bad grammar, bad spelling and bad punctuation make your poet impossible to understand. Homeless, no income, no medical insurance but computer access? Eight kids, seven fathers, none pay support?

    Keep your legs closed, get free contraceptives or learn masturbation. You're a drain on society

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  •   Sep 13, 2017

    @SubSquirrel Post not poet

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