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US Airways Dividend Miles / Dividend Miles rip off

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I tried to use my free round trip (25, 000 miles) that was promised me when I signed on for the US Airways credit card. I read and re-read their brochure and there were no restrictions listed for the redemption of the miles for the free round trip ticket. HOWEVER, when I went on line to make reservations for a wedding 10 weeks away, I was told there were no seats available and I would have to fly out 3 days earlier! I was told by reservations that they had limited seat availability for the dividend miles redemption and nothing was left so I could not use my miles. I was furious since there is NO mention of any restrictions at all. Essentially, US Airways wants to tell ME when I should take my trip. I will NEVER use this airline again - they are horrible to deal with, expensive, and have awful customer service. I was ripped off and misrepresented.

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  • Us
      11th of Apr, 2009
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    A few complaints of my own:

    First off, I signed up for a US Airways MasterCard in an airport, waiting for my US Airways flight. The card representative there said that my miles for this trip would be counted. NOT TRUE, and the customer service wouldn't make good on it either.

    There is an $80 charge for the 25, 000 "bonus" miles supposedly worth a typical US rt flight (empty seats are only worth $15 to Smarter Travel's site - see below). So okay, I waited to see how it went from there.

    Next, the statements were not coming in a timely manner (barely a week before due date + finance charges + late fees, get the picture?), so I switched to online. However, there were problems online as well:
    US Airways online log-in didn't save my password correctly, the reset wouldn't work and it took 2 calls, 4 different ladies from the Phillipines, and over an hour to get it working.

    Once online, I see that there is NO TOTAL DIVIDEND MILES available for view anywhere within statement invoice, rewards, etc. You have to manually add them up from individual statements.

    Finally, not having redeemed my miles yet, I was disturbed by this recent article in which US Airways reportedly is making miles harder to redeem and worth less than originally stated and also, like the previous post, less available seats for rewards:

    By the way - paying your US Airways bill by check online incurs both extra banking and charge fees!

    I will soon be cashed out and avoiding anything to do with US Airways and Barclay Bank. Best of luck to the rest of you.

    Sincerely, a friend

    PS - here's an interesting US Airways Dividend Miles complaint bonus link:

    And an excerpt from Smarter Travel:

    Because very sophisticated capacity controls minimize the chances of giving away a seat for miles that might otherwise be sold for cash, award tickets effectively cost the airlines a pittance—the direct costs of transporting one extra passenger. Those direct costs—an award passenger's meal (if one is even served), some extra jet fuel, and perhaps some processing overhead for award bookings and ticketing—add up to less than $15. So the airline can offer a free domestic ticket, with a perceived value of $300, for 25, 000 miles. The program member is receiving more than $0.01 per mile in value ($300/25, 000), while the per-mile cost to the airline is a mere $0.0006 ($15/25, 000).

  • Jl
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    The 80 dollar fee is rediculous, esp because like you said, you don't have your miles until you pretty much cancel your card. I complained about the 80 dollar fee to customer service, since I as well did not get the 25, 000 miles yet; but they would not budge at all. I told them I wantEd to cancel my card because I did not receie any miles for like 5 trips I made to Pensacola FL .. but they told me I could not do that unless I payed the fee. Long story short, I cancelled about a year & a half ago and they now send me the 17, 000 miles I have.. to redem them in MAGAZINES. NOthing else, just a subscription to magazines. Too much stress for one credit card.

  • Ca
      9th of Aug, 2010
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    US Airways is running their dividend mileage program more like a sham than an incentive. I can see if you're stuck having to fly them, but given a choice I will not choose them as my carrier. They have very poor customer service.

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