Us Airways Barclays Mastercard / Deceptive, Bait and Switch

1 NY, United States

I applied for the "World" Mastercard - interest rate as low as 15%, and "40, 000 bonus miles". I received the "Platinum" version of the card (although I have good credit), and learned that while the annual fee is still $89, the interest rate is a whopping 24.99%. On top of that, I am eligible for less than 20, 000 bonus miles, (not the 40, 000 advertised), and then only I spend $900 and transfer over 4, 000 from other card account balances. WORSE, when I called, they tried bullying me, threatening that if I cancel this card, I can't reapply for their lower rate card, and actually lied, telling me that I would receive 40, 000 miles with my first purchase. STAY AWAY FROM US AIRWAYS and BARCLAYS!

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