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I have shopped at Urbanity several times and have been met with exceptional service, and quality of products each and every time.
I originally purchased furniture for my new place valued at about $6000 for only $4000. Urbanity has the most unique collection modern home furnishings at affordable prices. I received my delivery on time as per the set date, the furniture came all assembled and their delivery team was great. I have received numerous compliments on the furnishings from guests. I have since gone back three more times to purchase some more pieces for my home. I have gotten to know the manager there quite well. In fact, on one occasion I happened to meet with a somewhat obnoxious and suspicious employee who didn't even care to get up of her seat where she was indulging in a bag of chips, to attend to me or any of the other three customers in the store. Later, when I approached her to ask her the price of an item, she asked if I was willing to pay cash- and she could give it to me for half the price and I could take it right out of the store without a receipt!! I took her name- Aakriti, and notified the manager of her odd behaviour the following day. He notified me that she was new employee and apologized on her behalf. In addition, he did mention that he was suspicious of her intentions and may have to take legal action against her. I would say it's safe to believe that this very employee is the one to give an entirely wrong view of this company. Her attempts to defame the store are obviously rooted in anger for being caught. Do not let her false information rob you of a great shopping experience- I have attached a picture of one of the gorgeous sets I purchased for a price about 1/3rd less than what was being retailed at other furniture stores. I just want to put a real view of this store out there, because its products, service and quality are phenomenal, and I am saying this after shopping around for 3 months and now a loyal customer to Urbanity, I'd never go anywhere else for my furniture.


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