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I am registering a complaint (along with many others, I see) about this business.

Sunday, 4-2-06: Ordered a Next-Day floral arrangement online, paid an additional $9.95 for a vase, and $9.95 shipping. The total order came to over $65.00. This was charged to my card immediately. Because it was Sunday, I called the company to inquire if this arrangement would indeed be Next-Day. They said it probably would, it would depend on if they could find a local florist open on Sunday in the destination city of Concord, NH. Based on this info, I assumed that they functioned like FTD's wire service.

Monday, 4-3-06: I called again to check on the order, because it was for a hospitalized recipient that would likely be discharged on Tuesday. It took me about thirteen calls before I could reach someone. (I also left a message according to their recorded instructions, but no one ever returned my call as promised - not that day or the next). When I finally spoke with a person, he informed me that there was no tracking number for this order, and his "boss was out sick." I asked if the order had even been processed, or if we could expect delivery that day. He stated the order would probably not be delivered until the next day, Tues 4-4-06. I explained that the recipient would be leaving the hospital on Tuesday. He offered to deliver the arrangement to thier home, and he took the new address. He stated it would "not be a problem."

Not having confidence in him, I called again after about two hours. After about 8 tries, I reached a 'Dierdre.' Explained everything all over again. She assured me that she would watch for the tracking number to come in, and notify DHL delivery services of the address change. She also promised to call me before her shift was over to let me know the status. That also never happened.

She had stated that she worked until 3pm Pacific Time. I waited until after 3 her time, and called again. From then until this email (Wednesday, 4-5-06), I have been unable to reach anyone. Various recordings come on stating that they are either closed or to leave a message; but their voicemail is full. The only number that gets a person live is the order line.

Wed, 4-5-06: Receive an email stating that the order was delivered, but it does not show a delivery address. I finally had to call DHL to determine where the arrangement was delivered; it turns out it indeed went to the hospital, not the recipients home. It arrived with no vase. The recipient had to send someone to go pick up the arrangement from the hospital.

I have continued to try to reach UrbanFlorists to no avail. I even set my phone to auto-redial, but no one will answer. I had the order person transfer me to Customer Service, and still no answer. I have today sent an email demanding reimbursement of both the delivery and vase costs; I have not received a reply. I have also informed them that have I not received a response in 24 hours, I will file an FBI Internet Fraud complaint, as well as contact the Vancouver BC police - and will send them copies of the numerous customer complaints against this company. I will also notify my bank of the fraudulent charges.

UrbanFlorist is NOT a florist shop (as they state on their phone message), nor do they function as FTD does. They are based in Vancouver, BC, with a call center taking orders for a floral warehouser; orders in the US are shipped from the state of Washington; they do not use local florists.

Do not patronize! Google consumer complaints regarding this 'business' - there are many.


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