Urban Talent Utah / Fraud

1 Salt Lake City, UT, United States

My son was approached at his university campus by Rhyan. A scout for Urabn Talent. He was told what a great model he would make and how much money he would make so naturally my son goes into the office and is immediately put under pressure to sign a contract for him to pay $1700. He is assured on the amount of success he will have in booking jobs. After signing and coming home and talks to me about it. I make him aware of the time commitment involved and there is no guarantee of making money. There are countless auditions which would include interrupting his class schedule. On top of that there are workshops and acting classes and head shots the agency requires which are additional fees. Needless to say he changed his mind due to time constraints. There is a federal law and a Utah law which gives the buyer three business days to recind the contract. Without services or goods exchanged. My son gave them notice of cancellation of contract within those three days and he was still harassed. Urban said they would be willing to let him out of the contract for half of the $1700. This agency is in direct violation of the law. Chamber of commerce has been contacted. Complaints are being filed with BBB. We have hired an attorney and have contacted their attorney. We are going to make sure ALL of his money is returned. Buyer Beware and know your consumer protection rights!

Jan 9, 2015

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