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I went to Urban Skin Solutions for a dark spot on my ankle from a mosquito bite. The person who I had a consultation with stated that you have a slight discoloration on your cheeks and chin; I had left out the house without makeup & wore very small amount of makeup making the slight discoloration not very noticeable. I was told I needed a facial treatment plan which was $395 & use of products she was selling as part of her treatment plan for me. The $395 paid in full & up front with products, I was I needed for treatment. The discolored mosquito bite on my ankle which was what I came for initially, never improved or cleared up. She stated she could correct the discolored checks and chin, easy fix since there a slight discoloration. After about a week or so the cheek area looked ok but the chin was blotchier now and was three different shades of color. I was told that it was a normal part of the process. I was told I had to come in for another treatment (2n d treatment) to improve the chin area. I came in for the 2nd facial treatment was brushed on the facial treatment with a brush. In the middle of the facial treatment while the assistant was applying the facial, I informed the assistant that my face was burning a lot. The assistant informed me that it was suppose tingle. I informed her again that it is really burning. She continued to the apply the facial and stated that it needed to be on for ten minutes to help improve my facial discoloration which was now more blotchy/discolored than before I ever came into the office for treatment. She put on the timer for 10 minutes & left the room but when the timer when off after ten minutes; the assistant didn't come back into the room came until several minutes later and the timer had already gone off at least five minutes earlier. This meant the facial that was burning my face, was left on for fifteen or more, total. After the assistant finally came back in to remove the facia l, my face was raw, irritated and very score. I arrived home a few hours later, & my son asked me, "What is wrong with your face? It looks burned, puffy, swollen and really irritated”. I looked at my face in the mirror and I was horrified at the burned and irritated skin on my face. A few days later, my face stated breaking out with acne. I hadn’t had acne or blemishes in 30 years, since the age of 13. When I went back to the owner, she stated that it was probably the medicine that I take. I take one medication & been taking the same medication for almost 5 years. I had no acne, no blemishes or skin problems until this 2nd treatment at Urban Skin Solution. Between the irritated chemically burned skin & the acne with dark spots it appeared the skin on my face couldn’t get any worst. Well to add insult to injury, the owner said well you can get more skin treatments & I was asked by the assistant at the front desk, did I need to purchase more products for my face. I decided not to go back to Urban Skin Solutions after coming into the office with no acne, no blemishes, no chemical burns, only to leave with chemically burned skin, acne, black blemishes over my face. I spent $ 395 for treatment & $180 for products. I came to the Urban Skin Solutions with clear skin, no acne, no blemishes & slight hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks & chin. However, I left Urban Skin solutions with my skin irritated, chemical burns on my face & acne with black blemishes. I immediately went to a private Dermatologist as I needed a referral from Kaiser & it would have taken weeks before I could have gotten a Dermatologist appointment at Kaiser. After consultation with the Dermatologist that I spent out of my pocket to; he stated that my face was chemically burned from the facial treatment they used, which was left on my face too long. He stated the acne & blemishes that I now have on my face was not the usual acne but, similar to Acne Keloiditis/Acne Keloidalis. I first had to be treated for the chemically burned facial skin & also treated for the acne, & then I will also be receiving treatment for the black blemishes & scarring from the Acne keloidalis. The Dermatologist stated my face was damaged by the chemicals used for facial at Urban Skin Solutions. According to the Dermatologist that I went to & is currently receiving treatment from now, he stated that the acne on my face now are similar to acne keloiditis (inflamed & pustular) & acne keloidalis (inflamed and scarred), usually appears spontaneously after one’s hair has been cut with unsanitized clipper or like going to nail salon to get a pedicure & break out with bumps & scores because things were not sanitized properly, only it is my face instead of the hair or nails being infected. I would never have believed it if the Dermatologist had stated these things to me.

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