Urban Outfitters on Fillmore Street in San Franciscoreturn policy

My official complaint is with urban outfitters on Fillmore street in San Francisco, store number 00116. The customer service at the store located in SF on Fillmore street was such a disappointment and clearly lacks leadership from the manager, Ariana. I went to the store on May 28 around 1:30pmish to return a dress that I purchased at full price in NYC around May 9th. I live in SF and didn't have the time to return the dress properly in NY because I had a flight to catch. At check out, I was informed by the cashier that I could not return the dress since the item I was purchasing was not the same price nor greater than the dress since I couldn't find the receipt for the dress that I bought in NY. I said "can you issue store credit or gift card?" The cashier said "no, it's against the company policy." The "manager" Ariana was flat out condescending and argumentative with me when I asked to speak to a manager who could assist with the transaction. She simply said "why would I bend the policy just for you?" I flat out said "customer service. I'm not asking for my money back. All I'm asking is gift card or a store credit. I'm just not going to buy something just to buy so I can meet the policy." Ariana became cold and treated me as if I was an idiot. This is a big deal for me because the two locations are out of my way where I live and it's a store that I normally do not shop so it's a trek for me to get to these places. Also to note, not one person greeted me or anyone else in the store when there were at least 5 employees working but they were too busy having conversations amongst themselves. This store clearly needs different leadership and an education on how to win customers and keep them loyal.

I would advise taking a look at the reviews on Yelp. There's clearly an issue with the Fillmore Street store.

May 28, 2018

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