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Urban Nutritions / Scam

1 United States

In order to find some information on the internet I signed up for a "free sample" of Urban Nutrition, Inc.'s "My Daily Dose" vitamins. This company then charged my debit card for two bottles of these vitamins. It took me some time but I mailed them their vitamins back. The woman I spoke with said that I would be reimbursed for one and have a credit for the other. I felt that I should have been reimbursed for both bottles as I never asked for either but begrudgedly I accepted that I would receive my $39.99 back. However, I kept a savings account open in order to get this money back. It has been more than two months since I mailed these people their vitamins back and I haven't received one red cent. Also, this company does not list a street address so the small claims court is unable to notify them. I am considering getting a lawyer to take these people to court. Due to Urban Nutrition, Inc. and other unethical on-line businesses my Citizens Bank account was overdrawn roughly six months ago. There is a so-called direct line on the bill of sale for these vitamins but all you get is one of those lousy automated phone systems. Apparently you have received other complaints about this company and their autoship program. I have really suffered a lot for these stinking vitamins that I never wanted in the first place. Do you know of any way to:
A) Get Urban Nutrition, Inc. physical street address
B) Have other people who have been stung by this company bring a class action suit against this company
I really feel that this company has hurt my credit and my life and feel that I and other people who have been hurt by this company should be able to receive our money back and possibly to put these shizhers out of business. FYI: the small claims court said I would need to spend $30 to initiate a claim so I should take them to court for $110 plus.


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