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The power cut in Ghaziabad is causing a lot of problem. A normal cut in a day is minimum 10-12 hours and since last day the electricity was available only 4 hours in the past 24 hrs.

When we go to the electricity office the people talks very badly and there is no person of the officer rank available. These people do not respond at all.

Also they said that there is shortage of electricity from the back and thats why this is a problem but they themselves are siting under fans and tublelights and watching TV nearby.

If there is a shortage then why dont these electricity department people switch on unnecessary light and fans and TV???

A person comes to home after his hectic schedule in office and if he cannot have his dinner or a sleep under light.

Due to unavailability of electricity there is also a shortage of water.

We pay are bills on time and have right to have electricity power.

Why doesn't these is a power cut for these officers and electricity deppt and that also in such a hot weather???

There are common wealth games coming in near future. Is this kind of facility are the govt planning to give to the people coming from outside NCR??

Ist really a shame to live in Ghaziabad. Industries has already started moving out of ghaziabad in the last few years. Do the govt want that residential people also move out from ghaziabad??

Is there anybody to listen a normal public???


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