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I had the same ups driver for 25 years I never had a problem. I now have a young man who could care less about your package! I've already had to report 2 lost or stolen packages. The driver just apparently tosses the package at my mailbox in a rural area which is quite a distance from my house. I have a paved driveway in perfect condition. Why can this driver not bring the package to my house like the other driver did for 25 years? He also did not leave the sorry we missed you notice or if he did it blew away, was stolen or who knows what!!! So I have no infonotice # an no package!!! So there is no way to file a report from what I understand! You have to have an infonotice # in order to even get a real person to explain this all too. I do not have this!!! So obviously I just get screwed of my package and the money spent on the item. This is crazy! This driver needs tobe fired!!! No one in this neighborhood likes his manners an methods..

Nov 30, 2018

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