UPS.CAups lies to customers about delivery attempts routinely lies about delivery attempts and their customer service is a nightmare. If you google this problem you will see that lying about making a delivery attempt is something that UPS Canada has been doing for YEARS.

I was expecting a parcel to be delivered by UPS on Tuesday. I stayed home all day, my door bell works, there is no reason why if they had actually come to my home that they would think I wasn't home. And, of course, because they DID NOT ATTEMPT DELIVERY no notice was left at my door as it would have been.

So I call customer service and get a customer service rep who can't speak and understand English well enough to be employed as a telephone customer service rep. I explain the problem slowly and clearly. I am told that a re-delivery attempt will be made the following day. Again, I stay home all day and no delivery attempt was made. And again, no notice on my door as proof that I somehow missed them (which would have been impossible). But their website states that a 2nd delivery attempt was made and the customer wasn't home - which is a lie, again.

I call customer service again, and again I get an incompetent person. She repeats the same things as the first, and tells me I can go pick up my parcel at the drop-off location, to which I reply, "That defeats the purpose of using a courier. If I have to go pick up the parcel your driver didn't bother to deliver, I may as well have picked it up from the sender in the first place, right?" She tells me she has requested a 3rd attempt and that my parcel will be delivered no later than Friday.

It's now Friday and I called first thing this morning to confirm that the package would in fact be delivered today. I was told by a third difficult to understand incompetent customer service rep that no, it won't be delivered today because the 3rd request is still in process. She tells me it will be delivered "some time next week."

I ask to speak to a supervisor. I'm told the usual, "All our supervisors are not available at this time." I insisted and finally got to speak to a supervisor who wasn't any more help than the customer service rep. Apparently, a courier service cannot send a driver to pick up the parcel they failed to deliver, and bring it to my home today. That's apparently an impossible task for UPS.

So the best they can do for me is tell me it will be delivered "some time" next week. UNBELIEVABLE! The incompetence and lack of professionalism of UPS Canada is astounding. And they lie to their customers by saying a delivery attempt was made, when it was not. This has been their method of operation for YEARS. Google it.

From now on, before I order anything online, I will check with the vendor to see if they use UPS. If they do, I'm going to tell them no thank you, I will take my business elsewhere because UPS is a nightmare to deal with on every level.

Dec 07, 2018

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