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UPS is a company that I will never use again, first for the way there drivers opperate and second how there customer service operate. I was driving my friend home in a residentail neighborhood and there was a UPS truck and a school bus in front of me. The school bus leaves and the UPS truck starts moving forward so I followed, I wasn't tailgating, he slams on the brakes whips it into reverse and goes 20 mph into someones driveway, I was right behind him a foot away and he was inches from hitting my car. I was beeping like crazy he never stopped or evern acted like he did anything wrong. Then he leaves going 35 in a 20 mph zone. SO then I called to report this, it was so scary he almost totaled my car, and the woman on the phone was so inconsiderate, she had no pity and didn't even ask for the license plate number. I am in complete shock and I almost had a heart attack.

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  • Jk
      May 05, 2011

    It is a good thing you were not tailgating. UPS drivers are taught to back into driveways. They always signal first to indicate a turn, you might have missed that.
    So he backs into a driveway and then immediately drives away? Did he stop to deliver anything?
    How do you know he drove away 35 in a 20 mph zone? Did you follow him going 35 in a 20 mph zone?
    Always give delivery drivers and vehicles plenty of room. Their job is tough enough as it is.

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