UPIdaily outages and low voltage at 937 the preserve trail, chapel hill, nc 27517

My contact information is:
Kevin Gaskins
937 The Preserve Trail
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Tel. # [protected] (H)
[protected] (M)
The problem is continuous outages for short time periods. Yesterday, Sunday [protected], we experienced eight (8) such short term outages. I reported this two times before and you sent out a technician. The technician left no response of his findings. Since that time I had an electrician check the wiring from the meter on the house and the internal wiring. His response was there are no issues causing the lights to flicker/go out other than a power outage or the fact that I am on the end of a transformer line! I do not know what that means?
I checked with my neighbors and apparently they are also experiencing similar issue. Linda Davis lives on The Preserve Trail as well and she has the same issues. Please have someone check on this issue before a shortage occurs and causes a potential fire. Each time the powers flickers (goes off and comes right back on), I have to set six (6) digital clocks and more importantly two (2) computers loosing valuable time. My office is in my home.
Please identify the issue for me and let me know why this continues to happen.
Kevin Gaskins

Jul 30, 2018

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