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I would just like to express my utter frustration and disappointment in the service I have received from Autopage the past few weeks. I have been a loyal customer of Autopage for the past 20 years !!! and even though I’m not your highest spending Client certainly do not expect service like this.

I first enquired about my upgrade about two weeks ago and I’m sorry that I did not get the consultant’s name that was going to call me back on the Monday so that I could confirm my upgrade to the Samsung S4 Mini, as he never did call back !

When I did call back and I spoke to George, on Friday 30th January I was told the S4 Mini was no longer available but I could get the Samsung A3 for R149.00 (the same price as the S4 Mini). I was very happy with the deal and happy that I made the decision not to wait to port over to Vodacom. I asked George to update my email address as I have not received an invoice from Autopage in I don’t know how long ! George said I would receive my phone and new micro sim on the following Tuesday, 3rd February 2015.

Monday arrived and so did my phone, I was super excited only to be disappointed that the microsim does not fit into this phone a Nano sim is required, and from here my problems started.

I called Autopage and requested a new sim card – after being frustrated that Autopage does not even know to send the correct simcard in the first place !!!

I spoke to Lerato who told me it would take two days for my new sim to arrive. Nothing could be done to fastrack the sim delivery as this was process. Fine so I waited !

Wednesday my sim arrived I inserted it into the phone expecting it work in the next couple of hours. By Thursday morning (24 hours later) my phone is still not working. I called again yesterday and spoke to Keisha only to be told that my sim swap was never activated and she would do it asap. I gave her all the simcard details. I also found out that my email address still had not been updated even after giving it to George the past week. I did not request a confirmation as I had all faith that Autopage could carry out such a simple task.

So I patiently wait again for another 24 hours only to find out again this morning that my sim swap was not done. I spoke to Nokuthula and expressed my extreme anger at this situation. I then requested to speak to a team leader / manager that could assist only to be told that I cannot be transferred. What kind of customer service is this – o yes there is none. I then insisted that someone call – and as well as could be expected still at 11:35 no one has called !!! This time I did insist on the confirmation of the sim swap !

I am not sure what it takes to get the minimum service that is expected from Autopage. A friend who is also with Autopage is looking to upgrade – I’m sure it would be less painful for her to wait and port rather. !

I also asked for my sms packaged to be dropped down to the sms 50 package. Please can this be confirmed as changed, as I definitely cannot rely on the consultants at Autopage to get it right.

Please could someone call me with regards this email.


Caryn Kuper

Feb 06, 2015
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      Dec 05, 2007
    Upgrade - Rudeness - disclosure-scam
    Spirit Airlines
    2800 Executive Way
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I booked at flight from DTW to LAS for 3 passengers on Spirit. We were at DTW waiting on our flight, when I noticed my brother was nervous as he hadn't flown in 30 years (I fly often, but not on
    Spirit). So, I asked to upgrade to first class. The ramp agent told me it was $65 per person. I thought great. Not only did she NOT tell me
    that this was just a BIGGER seat, but that food and drinks were not included on any flight. The stewardess informed us RUDELY. So, I had to pay $10 per bag that I checked in, $65 for the bigger seat, and $4.00 for a snacklike bag of pretzels. I
    called and talked to a supervisor and Kenji stated that I sat in the seat, so she rudely stated that she wasn't refunding it. I said that's impossible, I didn't know what I was getting for the money and there was no disclosure from the agent on what I was paying for. I wouldn't have done it. The ride in the big seat wasn't any different than being in their
    CHILDLIKE seats for coach and it didn't make my brother any more comfortable. Actually the ride was very turbilent and noone apologized for
    the inconvenience. I just became one of their $9 club members. We will never travel with Spirit again. They have no customer service skills and the next thing you know they will replace their stewards/esses with video screens and vending machines. Just say NO to Spirit airlines and let them know that as consumers we don't appreciate their service and their scams.

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