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Updo For Bride / Owner Kim / Ruined my day!

1 1468 Hancock StreetQuincy, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (617) 472-1222

10/29/07 The owner made me over 2 hrs late for my bach. party & WORSE 11/06/07 2 hours late for my own wedding & charged me double!!! I have been a customer of Skin Deep dealing w/the owner Kim for almost 10 years. I have hair, coloring, waxing. I hired Kim for my wedding make-up & updo for myself & my mother. I brought a pic in a wk prior to the trial up-do & makeup. Kim assured me she could do this style & makeup. I showed up 5 mins before my appt 10:10 am on the day of my bach. dinner party. She knew of the party & the time. She told me I'd be out of the salon by 2pm. Needless to say after 3 hrs & my hair looking nothing even remotely like the picture she told me she couldn't do that style & gave the excuse that it was due to me having layers (of course her being my usual hairdresser would have known this in advance). I looked through bridal books, found another updo in 10 mins & she proceeded to do the style. It did not come out as the pic but was similar & I was happy w/it. I was not happy that it's 4pm, I'm late for my party & she tells me she can't do the makeup as she is behind schedule & now has other customers & she also quoted me a written price of 50.00 for the updo & 25.00 for the makeup & she charged me 65.00 w/no makeup telling me it was extra time!! All of which was her fault! She assured me this would not happen again for the wedding day. We lost our reservations that evening & waited for another table over an hour later. Kim also had written down the quote for makeup & hair for myself & my mother the day of the wedding & was told we'd again be done by 2pm. We again showed up 5 mins early at 10am, my wedding was at 4pm in Bridgewater. My mother was completed in a timely fashion by someone else & Kim colored my hair & completed that by 12:00, she then proceeded to work on my updo. It came out horrible & looked nothing like the updo we picked out 1 week prior. Other customers that I didn't know when Kim walked away from me told me the back of it looked messy like I just woke up & my mother told me there were gaping holes due to the hair not being parted evenly. I told Kim I needed a mirror to see the back & after seeing it I told her this was not the style we agreed on last wk & I wanted that style. She told me to find the book w/the style, I tried & it was missing so she tells me at 2pm to find another style. I quickly found another simple updo & she proceeded to take down all the pins in my hair & start over. I was near tears at 3pm & she still didn't have my hair done. She forgot to put the veil in & had to undo part of the back to fit the veil in & finally finished at 3:30pm. She told me to sit in the makeup chair. While sitting waiting for her she dared to take in a walk in customer to wax her eyebrows for 6 LOUSY dollars & then when my mother spoke up she finished the wax & passed it to another hairdresser & came over. She did not have the pic I left behind showing the makeup style & proceeded to do a different coloring etc which I wasn't happy about but at this point I just needed to get the heck out of there to get to my wedding. The hair in the end was not the style but it was very nice & the makeup in the end was very nice after tweaking it myself but all in all the day was a complete disaster! I went to pay her at 4:17pm & she dared to charge me over 300.00 when I had a written quote of 250.00 total! Not to mention she made me extremely late for my wedding! I had to go back to my mothers house put the dress on, call the caterer to tell her we were on our way, I was crying & very upset. We paid for a hall to have the wedding/reception from 4-10 & the wedding didn't start until close to 6pm. The photographer was paid from 4-9 so we lost out on pics & by the time the wedding was over pics were rushed due to it getting dark outside & the food had been sitting there waiting to be served for almost 2 hrs. The caterer charged me an additional 500.00 for the additional time she had to keep her staff. My wedding was good but it flew by being that it was only 3 hrs long before some guests had to leave, everything in the end was rushed to catch up from the cake cutting, dances & the garter toss. Some things were cut altogether to save time. I am very upset to this day that Kim/Skin Deep took away from me what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life!

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