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UpCountry / Delay in delivery

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Up Country sold me a table and 6 chairs, told me that they have stock, but has to rely on third party company to deliver the table. They charged me in full and 100 delivery charge, told me 2-3 weeks estimate, but will try to give me the table in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I called everyday, there is no news when the table will arrive. The sales staff gave me customer service hotline, I left 3 messages, no one ever replied my call. After consistent complaints to the sales staff on the phone on the 4th week, finally the sales staff said the table has arrived in warehouse and that delivery company will call me. But, no one called me. After leaving a few messages at the delivery company, no one ever returned my call. If they had told me upfront that it will take at least 1 month, I will not buy that table. Also, they really suck at returning your calls. They should not have asked me to pay for the table in full. Why are they taking so long to ship something they have stock when other furniture company is delivery item on the next day.

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  • Le
      23rd of Jun, 2007
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    The same thing is currently happening to me with Upcountry. It took me about a week and several phone calls to arrange a date for furniture delivery. Then, the day of delivery, the shipment was cancelled! There is a problem with the inventory and the manager is supposed to be looking into it. But I'm the one making all the phone calls and trying to figure out what happened. What happened between the time they called me to tell me that the furniture was here and the time that it was supposed to be delivered? Everything should have been here June 14; now, it's June 23 and I still don't know the status of my order.

  • Dw
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    Well this all does not make me feel any better. We have been waiting for over six months for two chairs that we were told would arrive in approximately 4 weeks. Same story many phone calls and no reply. There have even been two false alarms where they said the chairs were in or were coming in the next week. What a company. I think we are just about at the point where we will be demanding our money we back (We too have had to put most of the money down before the order was placed).

  • 88
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    UpCountry - Poor service!

    I ordered a console table on Jan 21st, 2007. Told me 8-10 weeks to deliver. I called and called. I even went to the store. Kept telling me it would arrive in 2 weeks. It's now 6 months. I just got a message on my answering machine from the manager saying it's out of stock and therefore it wasn't on the june 1st shipment. a good company would have known that right from the start if the item was in stock and not requiring the customer to call 50 times to get that answer. And she wouldn't refund me and never told me when it may arrive and what they are going to do to rectify the situation. And their Customer service line is non-existent. you can leave a million messages and never receive a phone call back.

  • Je
      30th of Jul, 2007
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    Wow, I am unhappily having the same issues as many others have had. I wonder how a place can stay in business if this is the sort of service they provide. I had not expected my furniture for 8-10 weeks, fine, that is reasonable for furniture in my opinion.

    They called me to say that my furniture was in in 3 weeks, I was surprised. I was supposed to have the furniture shipped this past weekend, and the day before it was canceled due to somebody being ill at the warehouse... what a lame excuse! So now, they were supposed to call me today, and of course haven't. Apparently the store is closed for markdowns, so I cannot get a hold of anyone there, nor can I get a hold of the delivery guy.

    I am not impressed. After all of the bad reviews I have read, I may just cancel my order, as I nor anyone else have time for this kind of stuff. I am also going to contact the better business bureau, so perhaps there will be no more issues such as these.

  • Ca
      1st of Aug, 2007
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    Upcountry is the worst. The same story has happened to my husband and I. We purchased a bedroom set at the beginning of April and put 50% down. They called us at the end of April to say that the bed was in and the delivery company would call in 3-4 days, they just needed the balance of the payment. So then we paid 100% of the cost of the furniture and no call from the delivery company. We called back to Upcountry who tried to blame the delivery co., then we went through them telling us the furniture was in, but in the wrong color; that there was no furniture, the manufacturer was in the hospital; that the delivery came but it was damaged - months of this passed mixed in with unreturned messages, emails and when we did talk to someone, it was just always the runaround.

    We finally asked for our money back, since we'd paid and there yet to be any product delivered. They refused to give us refund saying that we would need to talk to the CFO to arrange for a refund. What?? Since when does the CFO talk to customers?? Apparently they don't at all, since we went through another few weeks of unreturned phone calls.

    Here is my advise to those of you who have waited long enough: call your credit card company and speak to the dispute department. Explain that you have paid for a product and that Upcountry has not delivered. You have a chance to get your money back this way. If you paid cash or debit - good luck.

    I wouldn't expect to ever see your furniture. Take a look at reviews about Upcountry on ibegin and homestars - it's the same story over and over again.

  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2007
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    Folks - stay away. I ordered furniture last OCTOBER and am still waiting for it. If that wasn't enough, their "customer care" department really doesn't give two [censored]s about their customers. I'm shocked they are still in business. Only saving grace is that their staff at the store are friendly and helpful, but ultimately, helpless. I have read on other boards that the new owners are using their customer's deposits to finance their lifestyles = FRAUD!

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