UP Masters management / Bad agency

1 Singapore

UP masters management charged us SGD 1600 ++ to find a domestic helper for us (usual fees in Singapore is 400-600). They promised a replacement (within 3 months) in case things do not work out. The maid was good, but new to Singapore and missed home on arrival. The agency when contacted had no one to offer as replacement. So they extended the 3 months period to 6, which was just a sham. Within six months, they had no one as replacement. Even though one could search their website (on and see dozens of helper profiles, yet they refused to provide one as replacement.

During this time, they refused to pick the phone, only way to reach them was through email or SMS. The same phone when called would go straight to the voicemail.

After the six month was over, suddenly a flood of helper arrived to rescue me, but for a charge of 1600 ++ again.

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