Uno Chicago GrillBad service


Last week I had gone to Uno Chicago Grill and was very disappointed. This was the first time I had gone there and I am dead sure it was my last. I had gone for a date with this girl I was seeing and I told her about this place. She agreed to try it out. So we went there we were seated rather quickly but everything went bonkers from there on. We were brought drinks that we did not order and were looked at crossly for not having them. Then we ordered for our meals and waited for around half an hour wondering when I meals would be brought to us. Finally the waiter guy comes to us and we were glad to see our food but that lasted only till we seen what we were brought. He brought us the wrong orders. When I told the waiter about it he said that he was sorry and he would get what we ordered in just ten minutes I doubted that but decided to wait. After another half an hour he brings our orders. We ate the food but did not like it al all. I was very angry and regretted waiting there. We got nothing but bad service and even worse food. I will never return to this restaurant.

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