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We were approached at Cozumel airport and enticed to attend a presentation. The next day while attending the presentation we told them we were not happy with our booked resort so they offered to put us up at their "Secrets" resort. It was wonderful!. During the sales presentation we were told that with our membership we could stay at any of their resorts and only pay about $30 per day per person for the "all inclusive" (the food) part of the stay. NEVER were we told that all we were getting for our $20, 000 membership was a 25% discount off the normal room rates. We were told "No charge except the "all inclusive" fee of about $30 per day per person. They threw in lots of free weeks, upgraded us to a "better" package, paying our dues for 2 years, and a bottle of Kahlua to entice us into buying this program. ..They wanted 50% down so with a cash transfer and opening 2 new credit cards they got it. The rest is paid with monthly payments. This was June 30, 2017. We tried booking our first vacation with them a few days ago, Sept 15 of 2018. This is when we found out that for all of the money we paid and are still paying, we only get a 25% discount off the normal rate. I can do better by booking a vacation myself through Travelocity or Expedia. We are in our 60's. We were taken advantage of and lied to!...When we talked to a supervisor to complain all he had to say was. "It is written in your contract". When we were sitting in their office and the contract sat in front of us, we had already been there so long and we were tired and hungry. They were putting papers in front of us and pointing where to sign. I am ashamed to say we did not read the contract, even after returning home. We are overwhelmed!. What can we do? We have already paid about $14, 000 with the rest in payments. We do not want and will Never use this service with only a 25% discount. We will have to spend $80, 000 on vacations with them to break even on what we have spent already. That's not going to happen!. I would like to just stop paying, but am afraid of ruining my credit...NEVER again will I sign something without fully reading it, even if we are being distracted and wooed !..This "Old Lady" has learned a very expensive lesson!

Sep 17, 2018
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  • Br
      May 21, 2019

    Did you find an answer? I’m in the same boat.

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  • Kr
      May 22, 2019

    There's way too many of us in the same boat. They emailed me this morning saying they're canceling my membership and keeping the over $15k down payment we made, plus a week stay they still owed us from our original membership, which we basically prepaid for when investing in that membership. So for what would be approx. $17-18k, they feel we should get nothing, as we refuse to take a proposed lesser membership that would still require us paying them more $. Zhivago Rodgers, sales rep at Dreams Las Mareas in Costa Rica, totally lied to get us to upgrade. We'd sat through presentations before where they were honest with us, and we declined to upgrade. This time we were straight up lied to, and after spending over 6 hours with them, were moved quickly through the contract signing with them bypassing what didn't mesh with our sales presentation. We've been in dispute since October of 2018, once we got home and printed and read the contract in full. Conveniently for them, that was more than 5 days after signing, since they pressured us to meet with them the first full day of our trip. No way was that a coincidence. We even filed disputes with our bank, but UVC refused to return any of our $, hanging their hat on the signed contract. BEWARE, as the contract has a clause that says whatever their sales reps say does not matter, that the contract supersedes anything verbal. Of course they didn't point out/stop at this clause when signing. They're a horrible company.

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