UniversityofCash/Onlinecashmadeeasy / Bank charges

1 United States

I have been able to stop the charges as of yet, so beware and do NOT sign up for Google Revolution. So far I have had 4 charges, the first was $1.97 and then 3 of $73.83 each from a different company. UniversityofCash, Webmoneymakersite & Onlinecashmadeeasy.
Google (the real Google) gives you access to everything you need to make your own site for FREE, dont fall into this trap.

At first I called and asked for some help from the customer service number and the only thing they could do is tell me to watch the video online again. I had done that MANY times and still had questions. This showed me they really are not there to help you and the fee is just a scam.


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