University of South Africa [UNISA]refunds

Why do refunds with unisa take so long?...i sent my refund request from on april 28th and it says it will be processed within 15 business days i called on thursday just to follow up (after waiting and then getting cut off like 5 times and having to call back and then being placed on hold) the lady tells me the forms have been received but not yet processed and i have to wait 15 days from the day its processed by their finance department, so i ask when are they going to process it and if there is any reason it was not processed as yet and she says she doesn't know they are busy with other refunds. im confused why does the form say "within 15 business days from date of receipt of all compulsory documents". i sent all documents (i think all the documents are in order but no one at the call center can even tell me they just say wait for the finance department) on 28/04/17 so its my understanding i will receive my refund on 22-23/05/17. nw i am being told 15 days from the day the finance department processes that could be anytime plus 15 days

May 18, 2017

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