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University of Pheonix/Axia colleges / Fraud

1 They have a ton of addressesPheonix, AZ, United States Review updated:

First just about every one there uses a fake name. One time they ma use their real name and then parts of it etc.
Anyway I had many conversations with my student adviser and my financial adviser, over the course of a year. The did not know what they were doing either that or they played stupid really really well. I was constantly getting misleading or false information. It so bad at one point that I contacted the State of Arizona Atty Generals Office, to file a complaint. They convinced me it must be a miss understanding and to cal back and insist to speak to a supervisor. I did and he assured me my problem with them billing me would be taken care of. I kept receiving billing notices from them and I kept calling them back. They kept assuring me that I did not owe any money. Finely right before I received my stimulus check from the Gov. I called them and said ok I got my stimulus check in on hand and your bill in the other. Are you sure I do not owe you any money. My financial adviser said no I am sure you do not owe us any money. I told him I could set th money aside to make double sure. He said no go ahead and spead it you don't owe us any money. Ok so two weeks go by and I get a call from him he says to me you do owe us that money.
Previous to this they lied about how much they returned to Citi Bank, which by the way I am paying on. They told me they returned all the money to the bank and that they were doing me a favor by bringing down the amount to the level they had. O called Citi Bank and they told me they received exactly half of the money and that Axia kept the other half and thats what they want me to pay on. I filed a complaint to the BBB in Phoenix and that did no good. I am swearing a complaint with the Atty., Generals Office in my state and in AZ. I am also contacting the Federal Trade Commission and I am going to keep contacting the media, now that election is over maybe they have time to expose Axia and Phoenix Universities and I use the term loosely.

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  • Pu
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I totally think this a false report and individuals need to be aware. I am currently a student at Axia College, a division of University of Phoenix. I am in my 2nd year. I have had the most excellent student services available to me. I believe whomever made this complaint is totally out of their mind. I believe it is a erronous compliant to sway individuals from not attending Axia College. Due to reality of fact, the Apollo Group is a wide area company, that has ofices in most states. This is in order to seek out and help aid in all students across the USA. At any time if this individual had a problem with his financial or acedemic counselor, they could of asked for a new one. This group helped me step by step to obtain my loans and grants needed for my classes. They called almost daily when I first started, gave such encouragment when I was unsure about my choices in educational direction. So, now I am forced to stand by these individuals in this obvious slanderous reporting. In my opinion, whomever made this complaint needs to except responsiblity for their own actions in life not pass the buck to others. Pay your bills, do not blame others for your educational costs.

  • Co
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    No this person is not making a false report. I attend Axia online and Iam having so many problems with the Fin ancial Aide department it is not funny. They do not know what they are doing and you can not make them understand. When it come to money that you have to pay back and they are misusing it then you can see where that person and myself is coming from. I am filing a complaint myself.

  • Am
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    I also have had problems with being lied to by every advisor I've had. I recently withdrew and can only hope to be able to transfer soon, since they have such a history of witholding transcripts.

    There is a class action suit against the school, but I've yet to find the attorney's to contact. I've been collecting the email addresses of some of the students to contact regarding a suit.

    This school has so many complaints against it and in the midst of this (great!) new demand for transparency, they will be brought down. It's a shame that so many students over the course of so many years had to endure this scam in the meantime.

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