[Resolved] University Of Mississauga And Sheridan College Brampton / abuse

At the University of Toronto in Mississauga Campus, I did not do well in the first year. Let it be known that I did not fail any course but the overall percentage criteria had to be met in order to proceed to the next year.

So for going there as a student, I was heartbroken by one of their personal trainers as a punishment for my failure.

At Sheridan College, I did very well. However, in order to get the Certificate, I had to go to strip club and offer my body.

Now I am stuck because I went to strip club and am not able to get a job.

This is all because of Canada not giving Freedom to their citizens. It is the political system of their country.

  • Resolution statement

    Because of not being given a job. I have left the country. I am now residing in Mangalore, India. Instead of studying which is of no use to me. I will build my own house in Mangalore my Mother Country, where my roots are from which I come from.

Nov 28, 2017

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