university of delhi faculty of law / inappropriate marking in examinations

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The faculty of law conducts the examination on semester basis, once in the month of December and once in the June every year. There has been seen phenomenal mistakes committed by the examination committee in conducting such exams. Many students out of which three i know personally had not even appeared in the exams and still got passing marks (i.e. 45) in the respective subjects that they were absent in. This kind of careless attitude imbibe the feeling of fear and disinterest in the students studying in the college. The Faculty of Law which is ranked 4th all over the country among the best institutions catering to teaching Law to the upcoming generation is not believed to commit such blunders. Hereby I submit a complaint in this regard in front of the consumer forum and seek that it be looked into. These kind of mistakes are infringing the very basics of our Fundamental Rights promised under the Constitution of India as Equality.

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