Universal Radio / Universal Radio

1 6830 Americana Pkwy, Reynoldsburg, OH, US
Contact information:
Phone: 8004313939

I would not recommend buying from Universal Radio. I was a loyal customer up until April 2012. I refuse to order from this store anymore. The reason is that the owner, Barbara is claiming that I refused a package once, which I never did. Her way of punishing me as a loyal customer is to tell me that I'm not allowed to buy from their website anymore. She deletes my orders. When I call to check the status, I'm told that my order number doesn't exist. I was only able to figure out what was going on by persistently asking customer service about a particular order number that was over 1 month late. Very frustrating. I'm a business owner and I would never treat any of my customer's in this way. I highly recommend not buying from

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