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Universal Power / Cancel contract

1 4014 Howard AvenueWindsor, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 5199711451

I signed a contract for rate savings on my hydro bill and wish to cancelthis service that adds extra monet to my bill not savings.The company has informed me I will owe cancellation fees of $1, 300.00 to cancel.What can be done to cancel without this fee and be able to cancel this service.This service currently adds over 4120 a month to my hydro Bill

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  • Hi
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I too believed this company's brochure that I would be saving money. I have overpaid app $2500.00 in the last 3 years on this contract!! I was stunned and called them to cancel, but was told I have to pay a penalty of over $400.00!!!
    I am hoping to get enough people together that have also been mislead, in the hopes of filing a class action law suit. I have kept all the brochures which highlight the false information regarding the so called savings and protection that my contract would provide.


  • Gl
      10th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yea! I signed up a second time and its remained the same ripoff tactics: Cost to get out $1, 500.00 and no rebates or cut backs during the summer months-I pay $161.00 every month, twice that in winter. They also told me when I no longer paid hydro where I live I could cancell my contract. Now I find out I have to pay to get out of so called contract with them. I think I have another year and then I'm free I hope but I won't be signing with any company again for I no longer trust so called low rate hydro energy companys.
    Anyone ever here of Green Energy-they came to my door today to make a difference and I told them to get lost I don't want any of that green ###. I live in a APT. go see the landlord.

    Ps-I only signed up second time because of the $1, 500.00 to get out and I still had an out standing bill besides but not now-I owe them nothing. If anyone finds out how to get out of said contract without a fee please let me know.


  • Py
      24th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    my 62 yr old mother signed up with these bast*rds...after 2 yrs we moved to a new apartment.
    today i recieved a call saying my mom owes them $400.00 becuase there is till 2 yrs in her contract...the only way out is to show a lease agreement from our new landlord(property management)...i told them that we didnt have to sign a lease or rental agreement...they said they couldnt close the account then and we would have to pay.
    i asked them if we need an agrreement from our landlord to cancel how come we didnt need 1 to sign up...????????? makes no sense right!!! they had no answer...i also asked her how she felt working for a company that takes advantage of people with their fine print also had no answer...
    i refuse to let these people scam my has now they send been sent to does this make sense ..and is it even legal!

  • Kd
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    Q: In the Ontario Government Web-Site they have the Consumer Protection Act

    Rescinding agreement

    18. (1) Any agreement, whether written, oral or implied, entered into by a consumer after or while a person has engaged in an unfair practice may be rescinded by the consumer and the consumer is entitled to any remedy that is available in law, including damages. 2002, c. 30, Sched. A, s. 18 (1).

    This means that if I opt to "cancel" or rescind my agreement with them, they would in fact owe me approx. $500.00 as the damages are incurred by them not meeting their promise of price reduction.


    FYI: Universal Power is now Just Energy.

  • So
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    so what does that mean, is there a way out, I have been paying approx $350 a month more then my friend and we leave on the same street. ridiculouse I know.
    I would gladly join any lawsuit. I hate them...
    Thank you in advance for any help

  • Ka
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    I just received a collections call from Universal Energy!! For $437!!! They said I do not have a lease agreement so they cannot cancel the account. WTF?? Where's the lawsuit! I'm down!

  • Pa
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    Someone please get this lawsuit going. I was sitting in my garage watching TV and this guy barges in and to get rid of him and supposedly SAVE Money, I signed up think that i was getting the lowest rate and then I would cap out when the rates go up. Now my bill is double what it should be and I feel like I was raked over the coals by highly traned con artists. This is rediculous and should be illegal. Whatever action anyone starts they should make it so public that it runs these people out of business. I'M IN!!!

  • 5o
      12th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me.
    Count me in on the lawsuit please !! I suppose we should all be pestering our local MP about this for now ?? We need to get together on this somehow. A lot of people are beginning to realize how bad they have been scammed.

  • Lo
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    We too have been signed up with Universal Power now almost 3 years. I thought I was doing ok with the bills thinking that our Ontario Hydro had been skyrocketted just like the representative said in our sign up for our contract. Just until recently I asked our neighbour what their bill was and they aren't on the contract like us. We consumed almost the same us being 113 and theirs was 104...their bill was only $291 and ours was $494. WOW was I wakened up. Now I am doing some research to find I am not the only unsatisfied customer. I want to know my rights and what we can do to STOP this foolishness company from lying to people now and in the future! No wonder Ontario Hydro is upset and won't talk to us about our bill. It seems they know about their scam!

  • Di
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    Call your hydro company and switch your account to your spouse or any other adult living in the home. Universal Hydro cannot bill anyone else but you. This could cost you an administration fee with your hydro company but it will save you from being ripped off by Universal from the date you take the account out of your name.

  • De
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    I decided to review my recent electricity bill last month since it was higher than what I would usually think it should be considering the time of year(Winter). After some analysis of this bill against a bill for the same period last year when being supplied by Hydro One, Universal's usage cost was 30% higher. After reviewing all my bills over 15 months Universal's cost was approximately 30% higher.
    After calling Universal to cancel they informed me there will be cancellation costs and would inform me by email. I mentioned on a few occassions that there should be no cacellation charges involved since no Contract was presented or signed. Also all the information given me indicated that I could cancel at any time without penelty if not 100% satisfied. I am still in the intial process since the cancellation notice was only given April 26, 2010.

    I am surprised Universal (now Just Energy) is allowed to get away with all of this considering the laws we have inplace (or should have)to protect consumers.

    If it takes a class action against Universal(Just Energy) I am certainly for it.

    Upset & Pissed off this can happen and continue to happen especially in light of all that has happen in the financial market place and their very shaddy deals (putting it very mildly)putting thousands of people in financial ruin.

    See what happen in the next few days!!


  • De
      28th of Apr, 2010
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    Just Energy Rip-off sent by Dewolfe posted 15Hrs-53min ago Apr 26/10

    I received an email reply from Just Energy's Customer's service notifing me that the account with Just Energy will be cancelled (1-2 billing cycles) with no exit fees applied. I would expect no less of a decision on their part since there was no contract presented or signed by myself for the year + that I have been supplied power since Feb/09. I hope others who have decided to cancel their program with Universal(Energy One, Just Energy)are treated fairly(???) and as quickley as I was. In the event that Just Energy had taken another position (tried to obtain cancellation costs)I was willing to do what ever was possible within my RIGHTS as a consummer to have the cancellation costs waived. Perhaps I should consider action to be embursed the $400 it cost me for a program that was marketed to save me money(costs above what I would of being charged by Hydro One suppling the power). What do you think??? I certainly would encourage any action by others to take of this unfair, unjust, unlawfull etc practises that seem to be endorsed by this Energy supplier or any other Supplier of products and services offered to the consummer of a similar nature. Also the Marketing Companies that undertake contracts to sell these products of this unscrupulous nature should be also held accountable.

    All the Best with your battle


  • Ga
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    My family signed with Universal Power back in 2007 and we are now trying to get out of their ridiculous contract. We are paying double then what we would have normally. Plus there are extra charges attached with the the Provincial Benefit????? yeah, its a benefit alright! and Universal Power gets it all!!!
    I have called them several times to cancel and was told that it would be done in 1-2 billing cycles. As of yet, NOTHING has changed!! and i am getting really pissed about this.
    Is there a class action suit going on? If so, I would be interested. This company is a total RIP OFF!!!

    if so, PLEASE HELP!

    Thank you!!!


  • De
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    I was scammed too!!! I signed up for this scam 2 years ago because i felt sorry for the guy who was going door to door at night in the freezing cold of winter. When I signed up I did not realize that there was a cancellation fee - he did not tell me this. What happened recently was, I moved from the address where i was signed up with Universal, then i got a bill in the mail for $426.97 for a cancellation fee!!! Well I had no choice in canceling my hydro - I MOVED!!! My spouse had the new hydro hooked up in his name, for no other reason than he happened to be transferring utility accounts that day to our new address. Now Universal Energy has sent my cancellation fee to a collection agency demanding money OR ELSE!!! At the end of the collection agency letter it states: "Govern yourself accordingly". Does Universal energy govern themselves in an honest way!? Perhaps they are the ones to think about how they govern themselves! I am a person that has never had a bad credit rating and have always paid my bills on time. This company is EVIL!!!
    If anyone knows how i can get out of this PLEASE let me know!

    Thank you!!!


  • De
      11th of Nov, 2010
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    I just obtained resolution with Just Energy (formely Universal Energy, etc) since contacting them to discontinue my electrical services in April/10(approx. 6 months). My position with Just etc. is that I did not have a contract(which I didn't and they acknowledged). I was very plesant with them and they were likewise. I became I little uneasy with them after they kept on pushing out the date. They came up with some "real good" reasons-like.. "we misplaced your file" .. but naturally the response letter was all juiced-up and still added another 1-2 billing cycles. It wasn't until I sent them another response(3rd) mentioning to them that I am getting concern if cancellation will occurr based upon the articles "Complaints above". I also metioneded that I/We didn't need the legal expense to bring this issue to closure.

    I phoned Hydo One about a day or so after sending the last reponse to Just Energy to see if Hydro One could do something. During my call with Hydro One they advise me I would see Hydro One as my supplier of electricity.
    This is only part of what I had to go through and "that is not having a contract". My 78 year old grandmother In-Law (whose house is elect. heated) "did not have a contract" with Just Energy was very surprised she was not still with Hydro One since she rejected several attempts by Just Energy's marketers to sign her up. I can't recall the number of weeks/month it took her to have it changed back to Hydro One but she ended up dealing with Hydro One to have it changed. Universal(now Just) agreeded to cancel the "unsigned cotract" without cancellation charges because of her age. DO YOU believe THAT. That was certainly nice of them. There must be some similar situation out there??
    I need to stop - I am getting myself all worked-up

    Just(word) to let you all know Just Energy may have a soft spot or just another way to screw consumers. They sent me a cheque (reimbursement) for the time they said they were going to cancell the contract(legally no contract)and when it actually happened. Based upon getting the $20.32 rebat received against the difference between Hydo One and Just the $20.32 cost for the same energy there should be another "0" to the amount at least($200). Based upon my Mother IL elect. use and comfort level her extra elect costs due the illegal billing for supply of elect would be close to if not over $1000. -Just (again)guessing for now.

    Keep me informed.

  • De
      11th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sorry - I was too quick and pused send on the above complaint without checking - no time to fix.

    You should get the essence of the above but briefly
    - continual follow-up required
    - unsigned contracts are not legal
    - you will pay at least more $ being with Just Energy etc for elect.
    _ they will do whatever(legal or not) to keep you as a customer.

    - promised rebates are only small part of the cost difference.
    - I've heard on the radio (Ontario- south) station to be aware of companies marketing electrical supply. They did not mention any company names but Just Energy has been active in this Area. In fact I told one Just rep. to leave when approached my sister's place near Woodstock, ON.

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