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We ordered a home through Ed flores approximately 3 months ago. After we signed papers and paid over $2000 in deposit, he became very difficult top get ahold of. He'd set up meetings and never make it for some reason or another. He told us when to give our 30 days notice at our apartment and we had to move in with family, storing all of our furniture in their garage, because our home has not arrived. Today I called the company that he'd supposedly ordered the home from and they said that they've gotten other calls from people who were supposed to get homes from him and He told me that Ed Flores is a fraud. He knows enough to make it seem real, but it's not. We are now homeless and out a couple thousand dollars!

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  •   Aug 31, 2008
    Universal Mobile Homes - Irresposible-our park model home will be very late if at all
    Universal Mobile Homes
    El Cajon
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    We went to Ed from Universal mobile homes after hearing that he had a good deal on manufactured homes. He told us originally that the whole process would take one month once we were approved for the loan. When we were approved and signed all of the papers, we asked if we should give our 30days notice at our apartments since he said it would take only 3-5 weeks until delivery. He kept setting up meetings to finish up paper work before telling us to give notice. He would never show up to the meetings he set with us, and he wouldn't call to cancel. Each time after he was already late, we would call multiple time to see where he was and he'd give us some reason he hadn't made to that meeting. But why could he not at least call to cancel?

    Finally after about five times going through this process of us showing up and him not, he finally did show up for once(this was a few weeks after the initial ordering and paperwork.) Then he told us that we could go ahead and give our thirty days notice. We decided to wait a week before giving notice just to be on the safe side. Then he set another meeting with us to pick things out, like curtains, paint, etc. We went though the same process of continually setting meetings and him never arriving or calling. He also became very difficult to get ahold of. A few weeks later he finally shows up and we picked everything out except the curtains which he forgot to bring samples of. A couple weeks later he has still not made it to any of the 4 meetings we've set up. Last update is that our house wont be here until a couple weeks after the date that we are supposed to be out of our apartment by. Now we are having to store all of our belongings at my parents house, and stay in a hotel, because he has been soooo irresponsible. Hopefully we will have a home soon as we are supposed to, but the way things are going it seems questionable. If it doesn't come by the date promised we do plan to file a lawsuit against him. It is already taking a couple months longer than he had said the first time we met with him!

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  • Ju
      Sep 18, 2008

    I also was planning on purchasing a mobile home from Ed Flores. We paid $5000 down, we weren't approved for financing and so we were going to cancel the purchase. Ed said that it was no problem and he would put a request for the funds to be returned to us. It's now three months later and we are taking him to small claims. The whole time he acted very nice, but just came up with many excuses and then became very difficult to get ahold of. He's good! A true con artist. I hope he's stopped soon.

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