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My name is Stefani Velez, I contact this company when I was living in Argentina in the city of Buenos Aires last year. I am a model and also am an actress. I was told to go to this company which is on Alvarez Thomas Street number 550 and bring my pictures and give them a reading from a script and sing a song. I tell you this was not what I was expecting. When I went there to this offices, they ask me to take off my clothings, and take naked pictures of my body. The guy was touching me and I told him to stop! I was afraid about getting rape. Anyway, I told them to let me leave they didn't want that I go but I start screaming, the guy took my purse and said I have to give him my money or he wouldn't let me go. He took $200 from my bag and I grab my clothings and run to the bathroom to put them on and then I ran out of the door to Lacroze Avenue. I later find out the owner of this company is Alfredo Igartua. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY UNIVERSAL GOLD CASTING IS A FAKE COMPANY AND CRIMINALS!!!

Universal Gold Casting

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  • Al
      Jan 26, 2012

    I was working in this company Universal Gold Casting and it´s horrible to work there. The owner Alfredo Igartua is a garbage person crazy suicidal maniac. He also don't pay people the salary they are suppose to be paid. He was making me work until very late hours in the night doing all kind of things and never pay me the amount of money or hours he suppose to. So I take him to court and I win the lawsuit against him and his company. He try to appeal and lose! He also trys to take employees without paying them and is hiding his money he is the most horrible person stay away from Alfredo Igartua he is a pelotudo like we say in Argentina! Here is information on my case in court that I win he has to pay me!

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  • An
      Feb 07, 2012

    Hola, soy Antonella, quiero denunciar una empresa de modelaje y casting. Recibí notificación de un casting para un publicidad que me parecía interesante. Fui a la hora indicada y me pidieron fotos y me dijeron que tenía que pagar un arancel para incorporarme en el casting. Le pagué $250 a un Sr. Alfredo Igartúa que dice que es el titular de esta empresa, Universal Gold Casting, me dijo que venga el día siguiente para empezar a trabajar en el casting de publicidad, empecé a sospechar algo porque no fue una oficina si no un departamento en la calle Tupiza 3975 1ro A en Palermo. El 2do día que fui me empezo a tocar mi cuerpo mientras me tomaba fotos y me dijo que era parte del estreno. Quería irme pero no me devolvía la cartera. Es un enfermo, no me pagó nada y me terminó robando la cartera, hay que hacer algo soy Antonella.

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