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Universal Destinations Internationsal/Beach Cruise and Travel Network / SCAM, FRAUD, STEALING

1 142 N. Orlando Ave Suite 100Cocoa Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 321-613-3919

This place is a complete scam be careful!!! Even to work there they treat you like crap and won't pay you!! All their pay checks bounce and they make up lies to explain why!! They will ruin your name everywhere you go with your check! They were formally Beach Cruise and Travel Network they stole a bunch of money from customers and then changed their name to steal more money under a different name!! TRUST ME DO NOT GET INVOVLED WITH THIS COMPANY!! The phone room manager is the worst manager I have ever had in my entire life she is a child with no experience that wears EXTREMELY inappropriate dresses with her underwear showing with giant high heels and absolutely no one can take her seriously. She brings her personal problems to work with her and takes them out on you. She does not know how to do her job and gives her responsibilites to the people in the phone room to do while she sits there babysitting her workers watching videos on her lap top of cats looking at toilets. Her employees drink on the job come to work on drugs and fake appointments and she does not do a thing about it everything goes without consequences!! DO NOT APPLY TO THIS RIDICULOUS JOB, DO NOT ATTEND THEIR PRESENTATION FOR THEIR "FREE" THINGS THAT THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF FOR. DO NOT GIVE TRACI SIEGEL ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION SHE WILL USE IT FOR BADGERING YOU WILL HER EMAILS AND THEY WILL CALL YOU EVEN WHEN YOU TELL THEM NOT TO. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. BEWARE!!

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  • An
      11th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I absolutely agreee. She is ridiculous after many harassing phone calls I attended a presentation and was promised "FREE" gifts come to find out all of them were going to rip me off and cost money. The woman who called me for my confirmation who I am assuming must be Traci was wearing a very inappropriate dress with shoes that looked like exotic dancing shoes. When she called me on the phone to confirm my ripp off appointment she was rushing to get off the phone and almost mad me not want to attend at all. I merely went to have them stop calling me and harssing me and to get my free gifts that were not at all free. This place should not be in business. I absolutely agree with the complaint above.

  • Tr
      16th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I am a current employee of Universal Destinations, here in Cocoa Beach. As proven after an investigation, both of these "reviews" and more were made by disgruntled employees Megan Stott and Kristina Pappas who were both terminated due to lack of work ethic and job performance. Megan Stott was actually tresspassed from our property after making verbal threats to myself & other employees. These 2 women need desperatly to find a more productive use for their time, like possibly find a job rather then bashing former employers. These are not only lies but perfect reasons why these two individuals are without jobs still. If it were true wouldn't you stand behind your word instead of being anonymous? Good luck girls...

  • Tr
      16th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Let me just add that Kristina Pappas surely knows what exotic dancing shoes look like given the fact that you could find her working under her alias Shawna @ Lidos Caberat. She was a friend of a friend who was unable to strip any longer after some weight gain and was desperate for a job. I guess that is what I get for doing a favor. And Megan, which paycheck is it that you are referring to when you said all have bounced? We have bank statements proving you cashed EVERY SINGLE paycheck given. You both need therepy

  • Me
      19th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Well Traci Seigal I am the one who wrote the complaint and all of it is true. I was not trespassing and was not "trespassed" from anywhere I left before you made yourself look like an idiot. I was coming to get my paycheck when you called the police on yourself and made more problems for yourself. There were no threats to you or any employees I was simply coming to pick up my last paycheck as with any other normal employer. If we were all as stupid as you and talked about puppies and Puerto Rico all day long maybe I would still work at what you call a business. Get some clothes that fit you and stop complaining about everyone else because you hate your life pretty sure your the one who probably gained some weight and was not allowed to bar tend correct? Your the one that needs therapy and maybe some schooling to learn how to spell. OH and by the way I had another job when you so called fired me so lets not say "that is why they are still without jobs". Kristina and I are both employed and will be long after your fake company goes under :). Every employee quit this ridiculous place anyways when you told them they don't deserve to get paid did they not? So how good you doing now huh? Have to defend your so called job from my warnings to nice people your are lying to and stealing money from. How old are you anyway?? Pretty sure your the one that needs to get a life and supposedly do your terribly HARD job that consists of eating in your office and hiding food in your desk drawers. Also the paychecks I am referring to are the ones I am no longer allowed to go to AMSCOT anymore because there is no money in your bank accounts to pay employees maybe you have memory loss? Your pathetic why don't you and Tony go beat each other up some more... Its not anonymous but I guess you can't read either it has my name along with my picture just in case you forgot what I looked like. I also spoke with the Cocoa Beach police department after your little temper tantrum and they already knew all about you and told me I was not trespassing and that I need to call them with anything else having to do with you so have fun with that :)

  • Po
      6th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    What kind of company and what kind of managers would put down former employees publicly? That only makes the company look bad and makes me not want to have anything to do with it. Trashy!

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