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1 United States

It's almost been a year and I am still waiting for my placed order. First no communication at all and now new owner has been giving me the run-around! This new guy has my full name, order number, 4 different contact numbers, and 2 email addresses. Back in May of 2007, I had ordered 500, 000.00 of The New Iraqi Diners in the denomination of uncalculated 1, 000.00 bills. I finally received them in August of 2006. Contrary to what I had ordered, I received circulated and damaged 25, 000.00 bills. They were written on, torn, folded, taped, dirty, and some even had something spilled on them. They are too questionable for an investment. I received no notice about this change in my order. I called the company and actually got someone to make arrangements to fix the order. I sent back the bad bills and have not heard from them since. I did send them registered mail, so I know they got the bills I returned. For months, I called and got no one. I left numerous messages and emails. I've never been one to just let things go, and on January 17, 2008, I came across scam club. I found some new and useful information, called US Diner using an extension not revealed through their phone system, and left a very grueling message. I actually got a call back. Some guy told me about new ownership, cleaning up messes, will get my order out right away, etc. I wait, and a month later, still no order, no call, no email. On February 26, 2008, I call back again and someone actually picked up the phone. He gave me the same story as before. I even told him it would be acceptable to send my order to me piecemeal if supplies were too short to fill my order. He assured me that he would send something out that week, with a follow-up phone call informing me of what went out. One month later, and still no phone call, no e-mail, and no shipment.


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