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united tel, LLC. / nonsolicted subscription charge billed thru phone company

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this company has charged a monthly subscription fee to my phone bill, without my knowledge or approval.

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  14th of Jan, 2009
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I too was a victim of these fraudulent charges. I can not believe that ATT allows them(United Tel) to do this? I called United Tel LLC and told to credit my bill and they said they would. I also sent an email to ATT telling them if this shows up on my bill again I am going to call the Missouri Attorney General and tell them what unscrupulous business practice they are performing.

  26th of Jul, 2009
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I have been getting now for the past 2 months. When contacted ATT they said "They have nothing to do with but would credit my account and that next time would have to call the United Tel"

This month got billed for a 800 V mailbox, Inc. along with United Tel. Now I have to call both these numbers about the charges(my time is valuable as I am sure everyone elses).

  2nd of Aug, 2009
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Count me in to the charges that were not ordered. I forced them to credit me account (still waiting on that) and got them to sent the "email authorization" they had on my account. It was from an IP address at MIT.EDU . I live in Alabama! Anyway, the fussed but finally caved in to demands.

I think ATT has been forced to be the patsy in this since they have to accept and bill us for these companies. They just hide in the dark behind the big ATT world. Maybe cutting off ATT is the answer.

  2nd of Aug, 2009
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Now I am having problem with this fraudulent company now. But I have Verizon/Virginia. This is the 2nd monthly charge, last month verizon did credit my account the 15 dollar charge. Verizon did say that it could take up to 3 billing cycles to eleveate the charges and to disappear from my bill. This is not the first time that this Unitedtel slammed my verizon bill, and verizon did say that they have no control of how this company gets into the verizon computer system... I wonder if verizon has ever figured out what fire walls, and virus protection is. it would seem like to me, that as big as verizon is, they would have a more secure system, I guess I will call again in the morning and go through the same BS i went through last month...

  14th of Sep, 2009
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Also had same situation here in Maryland. They would not give me an explanation or show me a copy of the authorizatioin for this "download" service. Verizon put a block on my account and gave an explanation that they are mandated by the FCC to bill for this company. I strongly object to anyone adding charges to my bill for another company. When I call United Tel they were equally ambiguous about how this happens and agreed to issue credit for current bill but would not do anything about August's bill. This is frustrating since I am on auto pay with Verizon - I wonder if the disclaimer when you agree to auto pay has anything about unauthorized charges - I am really surprised that Verizon allows this - a big blow to any credibility and I may switch back to Comcast out of pricipal since Verizon customer service gave the pitch that would have you believe that they think this is ok.

  15th of Sep, 2009
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If everyone were to pay attention to their phone bill they wouldnt have to worry about charges they did not authorize. The company was very cooperative with me and they are not out to scam customers. If the charge was added fraudulently they will rectify the situation but when a customer calls up after months and months of charges, its the consumers responsibility to pay attention to their phone bill. No one is trying to steal your money and they dont know you didnt register for their service until you call. So yes, pay attention to your bill. They shouldn't be held accountable for your irresponsibility.

  5th of Oct, 2009
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Content Consumer, "They shouldn't be held accountable for your irresponsibility"?? Are you kidding me? Who's being irresponsible here? The scam artist? The phone company? Or the victim of the scam? I vote for the first 2. You really want to blame the victim? I hope you never run into any serious trouble with that attitude. You could get beat up or even die because you were "irresponsible" for walking to your car. It's just that easy. You sound like the kind of person who blames the woman for being beaten by her husband. Wake up!

  18th of Jan, 2011
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