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United States Mission Geneva Switzerland / Wrongfull termination

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Attention Ambassador Betty E King
My name is Derek .I am formerly appealing to you Ambassador Betty E. King for your judgment in this matter. I am therefore asking you to retry or to review the circumstances surrounding my termination. I was formally employed with the United States Mission in Geneva Switzerland. I was wrongfully terminated from the Mission in August 2007.I was I was a whistle blower some one who brought to the attention of the H R Department and the R S O department complaints of misconduct with in the guard force were I worked. When I first made the complaints no one believed what I had said I was branded a trouble maker and the L G S together with the then R S O was seeking to have me fired from the guard force. The R S O did not believe what I had said and at that time stood by the L.G.S Rio Estevez. The Inspector General’s office investigated my complaint and found that the Mission fired me in accordance with the Guard Orders. However new information has been revealed to me as to how my termination was plotted.
However the misconducts that I complaint about resulted in the termination of the former Local Guard Supervisor Rio Estevez who had overwhelming evidence of misconduct against him. Please ask for his file and read the sorts of things that took place. The Bottom line being he was taking money from guards for favors soon after he was terminated the Mission a supervisor to take his place. When Mr. Rio Estevez was fired . The other supervisors that remained vowed that they will get rid of me. I was the main person to bring all his misconduct to light. One of the supervisors that remain Mr. Barlahan is like family to Mr. Rio Estevez in that they both were the godfathers to each others children. They are very close and even though Mr. Rio Estevez was fired this man was taking directives as to what to do inside the guard force. He had an influence through Mr. Barlahan and knew everything that took place within the guard force.
I went through hell while I worked there but needed my job to support my family back home that was the only reason I stayed and took the torture I had no status to stay in the country I had a card ligitimation.
These supervisors that remain hunted me down making trouble for me telling people I said this about them and that I found my self isolated and people would stop talking to me as a result of this .My co workers were told not to talk to me to make little or no contact with me I was shunned, provoked and treated very badly. They interfered with my married life in that they were telling me indirectly with jokes my wife was unfaithful to me. This resulted in my wife starting a defamation suit against the Mission, but this was not followed up. You have the record of this in the Mission still.) After I was divorced from my wife they continued to provoke me telling me all kinds of things they use jokes and used different names but all in all they were talking about me and provoking me and if I would say are you talking about me and my divorce they would say no we talking about someone with similar situation like you but we not talking about you. Whenever they said this they would laugh down the place to add to the provocation.
A very good example of how they would try to put me in trouble was an incident were the R.S.O had a meeting with the guards and we were discussing how we can improve or security and do a better job. I mentioned in the meeting the fact that the Ambassadors driver Mr. Larby is not calling on the radio as he is suppose to alert the guards before his arrival. All of the guards knew this as a fact but none of them brought it up in the meeting even though this was a lapse in the regulated procedure in accordance with the guard orders. I was the type of person not afraid to tell as it is. However a lot of people who were afraid to speak looked to me or kind of counted on me to say what they were afraid to say. As soon as the meeting was over and as I was coming out from the meeting Mr. Larby started to shout at me that I wanted to make him lose his job, Mr. Larby was in my face and insulted me. Someone rushed out the meeting and told him I want to get him fired and I want him to lose his job. The RSO was mad and was trying to find out who told him this because the meeting was not to be discussed outside with anyone else it was a security meeting. They never found out who said it to him and Mr. Larby refused to co operate he went to the then Ambassador to not allow the RSO to force him to tell who it was and the matter was left alone. This was a breach of security that is why the RSO wanted to know this. The list goes on and on I cannot tell you everything just know I was hated I was treated very badly. I was also set up by them in a similar manner as the Larby incident were persons to this day would not speak to me.
I asked to be moved as a driver or to work in another section but at the time it was not possible. You are now the new Ambassador so don’t let him befriend you to not to speak as to who told him let him have to tell the R S O who is present as to who told him as a matter of security.
Another incident was when senior guard Ausan wrote up a report that I was sleeping on the post. These Supervisors would sneak up on me leave the vehicle up the road walk down to were the compound was so as to catch me. For years they would be trying hard to catch me but never did and in the end resorted to lie. They so wanted to get me for anything the hope being if there was a guard reduction these reports would result in my having to leave. I pointed out to the then A R S O Marine Wray that Mr Ausan pointed out in his report that” he stood there some five to ten minutes watching me sleep to see how long I was going to sleep for.”I explained to her the situation that I was in my car he did not see were I was but because the try so hard to come in with stealth taking of the lights off at times so I would not see the vehicle approaching. I explained to her to look at the report. If I was seen sleeping the natural thing to do is to awake the person then inform them of the offense. He did not see were I was and was waiting looking for me I was in the car the place was dark, he came in sneaky as always. I was in the car because the place were I was stationed was painted that day and the fumes were not bearable to inhale. Supervisors would park their vehicle up the street walk down quietly trying t5o catch me sleeping. I worked very hard but would never get credit. The house butler at the Ambassador resident had words of complements together with the former Ambassadors wife. I worked hard. Just ask your butler how hard I worked he would tell you.
The following facts are as follows as to why the United States mission terminated me wrongfully.

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  • Al
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    United States Mission Geneva Switzerland - Warren Tichenor

    The former U S Ambassador to the U N in Switzerland Warren Tichenor govern the Mission in a manner that was considered brutal to the staff. There was great offence and discomfort in the manner he did things and the United States Mission has never seen such a person to pass through it post.

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