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United States Administrative Services, Inc. / Unable to claim eligible rebate

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The initial filling in October of 2005 for intent to claim the rebate went fine. We awaited our required 35 months for a rebate on a sewing machine -- the rebate played into our decision to make this expensive purchase. By the time we did the actual filling, the certified documents were sent back with "unable to forward."

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  • No
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    Bought a serger on this money back in 35 months deal. Mailed on 4/3/08 and followed everything to a T since day of purchase. Signed by certified mail on 4/15/08 by a Ronald K. Gooding. Have never heard from anyone since. What a rip off by my own company that I trusted to do business with.

  • Sa
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    It happened to me too. I bought a piano, I did exactly what the paper listed. I got back all the documents that needed to be sent saying unable to forward. My rebate is $2000.00, because of that we bought a new piano with hoping to get the money back. If, anybody has information on what to do in this situation please email me. Thank you.

  • Th
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    I am also a victim of this cashback scam. I sent in my required documents in the 36th month after I purchased my piano, but the certified package was returned with no forward address found. I then went online and found out there are many many other consumers who fell into the same trap. Sounds like some people did file complaints to the gov't agencies like BBB and Attorney General offices, but I wonder if anyone received any responses from those agencies and what actions did they take to protect the consumers. I am amazed that this company (USAS) was allowed to continue doing business and continue to deceive consumers even with all these complaints made known on the web.

  • Na
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    I just sent all my required documentation in last week as required for two sewing machines I purchased in 2005. Yesterday I got notice from the post office that the letter was undeliverable. I, too, made the decision to purchase these items based on the assurance that I would get the rebate.

  • Do
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    Me too. I just got my returned claim - undeliverable and unable to forward. My sewing machine purchase was on the same basis.

  • Do
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    Me too! I just tried to file the rebate claim on my sewing machine only to get the envelope back as undeliverable.

  • Na
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I received my rebate forms back as undeliverable today. Found this website while trying to find info on USAS. I wonder if there is any recourse. I also made the decision to purchase an expensive sewing machine as well as an embroidery unit based on getting the rebate.

  • Cl
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    I was getting my things around to send for the three thousand that was to come back to me for a sewing machine. I decided to call the number on the paperwork and was told it was no longer in service. Then I looked up Cash Back America and got a phone number. That got me nowhere. Next I called the store where I bought the sewing machine. They told me to contact the Attorney Generals office at They are sending me paperwork for some sort of investigation into this company. The number I called is 407-999-5588. The information about the case is below.

    The case file cited below relates to a civil -- not a criminal -- investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.

    Case Number: L06-3-1111

    Subject of investigation:
    Cash Back America, Inc. a/k/a Cashback America

    Subject's address:
    6250 Hazeltine National Dr., Ste. C104 Orlando, FL 32822

    Subject's business:
    Markets voucher rebate program that promises cash rebates to consumers.

    Allegation or issue being investigated:
    Possible violations of 501, including misrepresentations regarding the availability of money to pay out future consumer rebate claims; employing unfair practices by imposing unreasonable and vague terms and conditions consumer has to follow in order to redeem the rebate voucher; and possible misleading statements about the security of the program and handling of funds.

    AG unit handling case:
    Economic Crimes Division in Orlando, Florida

    View contact information for Orlando.

    My husband said this was too good to be true to begin with. LOL
    Hope this helps.

    Clara Arvizu
    Eaton Rapids, MI

  • Ja
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    I too waited the assigned 35 months to send in all information they requested for "Cash Back". The certified letter was returned undeliverable unable to forward. I purchased the sewing machine for my wife at a local business in Traverse City. Always had my doubts about this promotion but wonder also how they can still be doing business. I do plan on contacting Florida's Attorney General .

  • Pa
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    We purchased a piano three years ago - wanted the 35 months and submitted all the documents required. We just received our documents back stating they were undeliverable because they moved with no forwarding address.

    I am now going to write and file a complaint to the Florida Attorney General's office.

    Pat Crincoli
    Cranford, NJ

  • Ca
      7th of Mar, 2009
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    We purchace a piano three years ago and the 35 months and submitted all the docoument required that is orignal sale receive and all my id, sent it to new address ;united state administrative service inc, 34315 donna vista place eustis fl 32736. I call the corporate office at 198 route 46 east fairfield nj, 07004. The person, i talk to said it a big corporation. they going give rebate back to you., but i wait for almost 4 month, nothing being sent back, all my document i sent by priority mail with deliver confirmation 03073330000199786791 sent it on October 8, 2008was sent. Label/Receipt Number: 0307 3330 0001 9978 6791
    Status: Delivered

    Your item was delivered at 11:30 am on October 11, 2008 in EUSTIS, FL 32736.
    my voucher stub #380345. have rebate amount of $3000.00
    Can you please help me? my email is

  • Ma
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Also encountered the same result. Wish I had looked on line here before spending the postage to send the rebate coupon in, at least I would not have lost that $6.15. I purchased a sewing machine on ebay, initial rebate form mailing went as advertised. 35 months later, all I got back was my claim envelope marked moved, left no address (July 11, 2009).

    Mary Keller
    Kaukauna, Wisconsin

  • Ab
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me. I bought a treadmill with the promise of a $1000 rebate in 35 months. Just got all my required documentation back this week as "moved, no forwarding address". I plan to contact the treadmill company and let them know how unhappy I am about this scam. Like the others, I may contact Florida's Attorney General.

  • Bi
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    Same thing happened to me. I bought a treadmill with the promise of a $1699 rebate in 35 months. Just got all my required documentation back this week as "attempted not known, unable to forwarding"a. I plan to contact the treadmill company and let them know how unhappy I am about this scam. Like the others, I may contact the Florida's Attorney General as well as Nebraska.

  • Ro
      31st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    same thing happened to me, i purchased a honda 450r fourwheeler from RTD MOTORSPORTS with a 3000.00 mail in rebate. I did all as required and nothing! so if someone has any information on who to contact or who to call please email me

    Robert J Carlock
    Nokomis, Illinois

  • Jd
      27th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just sent in my rebate information and after reading this I am sick on my stomach. I hope this is not a rip off. I purchased a camper with a $4000 rebate and I will let everyone know what I hear back in a few weeks. Houser in NC

  • Pw
      26th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I also kept all of my documentation to send and marked my calendar for the exact date I needed submit them by certify mail to the Rebate address. Sure enough, my documents were returned stamped 'unknown addressee'. My RV dealer is aware that this is happening and he's sorry but can't afford to honor the rebate which had nothing to do with him. I say we should track the company down and make them pay OR at the least, plaster the national news with their name and scam.

  • Ja
      28th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same story, waited 54 months on camper rebate of $5000; returned as you all say. My wife "told me so." Fortunately the rebate had nothing to do with my decision to buy, but $5000 is $5000 and I could sure use it now.

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