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I could write a whole book filled with the perspective of me being just a poor and righteous. It would have to be edited and re edited due to paranormal activity either with a pen or pencil in my hand or keyboard technology. I would expose everyone dead in their trap s of plot s and scheme s. It would sound like the offering when I wrote the album. It would explain how I overcome all the disgust and ask God for strength praying strenuously. Only if I was a hero, first of all I'm not perfect with word s so I'll leave it at that. I'll make use of comment s toward s blood sucker s of the poor and righteous

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    I’m not subject to evil wicked men and women of hatred toward my bloodline. I’m just an example of righteousne s s. I’m an example of God s people. I’m an example of a civilized human being. Not to say the least I’m an example of a real man

    bloodsucker s of the poor
Oct 24, 2018

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