United Reservation Services (Aka Urs) / URS Claims Significant/Non-Existent Vacation Travel Savings while Requiring Significant Membership Fees Up-Front

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A Heads Up on URS, United Reservation Services: From a Couple Who Went Through Agony. Here is the URS pitch and what we were put through until we figured out the URS deception and got out. This is what actually happened to us.

Summary: For a significant up-front credit card payment of a “membership price” (starting at $8995) + $449 “processing/documentation fee” + $149 “annual dues” and only their spoken word in return, United Reservation Services claimed their cost-reducing “block reservation” methods would save us money on our travel costs. The reality was quite different: after comparing rates from the URS-designated travel agent to rates we had recently found on our own, for a very similar trip, we found there was no savings. In fact, our own arrangements were better and cheaper than those quoted via URS.

The problem the newcomer to URS faces is that URS will very likely take your up-front fees before you are in a position to confirm key information verbally provided during their presentation and still get out of the membership agreement in a timely manner – you have only five days.

Some Details: At first, during their group presentation, they talked convincingly, were very believable, appeared forthright, and no pressure whatsoever. Their message: how they will save you vacation travel expenses because URS reserves travel locations and other travel expenses directly and “in blocks”, thereby passing on these low discounted rates to you. For this they required a large amount of money up front: a one-time “membership price” starting at $8995 (later, while one-on-one, it was reduced to about half), as well as $449 and $149 for a “Documentation/Processing fee” and “annual dues”, respectively. They assured us we would make these fees up in a relatively short time, even with moderate travel.

We fell for it.

Later, the day after signing up, we realized we had no hard, factual information from URS confirming their actual low rates for specific travel destinations – only their word on certain “typical” rates they presented on viewgraphs the day before. We went to the URS website to get real rates, but couldn’t get into the URS website with the login data they provided us. We promptly became worried and decided to cancel our agreement that day, which we did by writing the URS escrow agent.

Contractually, we had only 5 days to rescind the Agreement, in accordance with the URS Agreement’s conditions, to avoid paying them the above large, up-front fees. In addition, we wished to avoid certain other contractual cancellation fees: a 2.8% “cancellation restocking fee” plus we had to return a URS booklet to avoid paying a “$350 materials fee.”

The next day we were told by the URS escrow agent, we had to have cancellation concurrence by a URS representative before they could accept our cancellation. We were contacted by a URS person who requested we meet with him for a 10-15 minute “exit interview”, which we were told was for the purpose of URS learning and, in return, we would not have to pay a 2.8% “cancellation restocking fee” charge (per the Agreement). This meeting was not an exit interview at all but a long high pressure tactic wherein nothing we said was accepted but every word was rebutted. The URS salesperson got testy, unpleasant and, we later found, deceptive. Finally, he agreed to set up a phone contact with their designated travel agency, but the prices quoted us were worse than those we had previously got on our own! In short, we would never have gotten the URS “fees” back with such routine travel prices.

The importance of “Five Days.” We finally extracted ourselves from the written Agreement with URS, in accordance with its terms, by scrambling to return URS “materials” and formally cancel the Agreement, via their Arizona escrow company, within 5 days.

Why are we doing this? Why are we going out of our way to put our embarrassing, real-life experience out there? Because we originally looked online for “reviews” of URS but we saw only a couple of short, vague critiques about URS, none were specific – never enough to give even a hint of what we experienced in reality. So if we can provide factual information to others of what actually happened to us, it would be worthwhile.

One last consideration: If you exceed the “five days” and believe you have been mislead and want out of URS, there may be another alternative to consider for getting your fees back. Although the Agreement never took effect in our case, we are still very upset about what happened to us. So we are now preparing to file complaints with the State Attorneys General for the states applicable to our case, those in which they do business, including our home state (place of URS presentation/agreement), Arizona (escrow agent), and Texas (URS headquarters). If you believe you have been taken advantage of or mislead, you have this option also. Another option is to file an online complaint with the appropriate states’ Better Business Bureaus. (URS does not have to be a BBB member for one to file a BBB complaint.)

Mar 27, 2013
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  • Sh
      Apr 05, 2013

    When it sounds to good to be true... Listened to presentation, decided to pull out IPad and research before buying. Salesman put us on phone with lady that said said she could likely get us $11-14, 900 for our 2 bedroom villa Westgate timeshare we owned for 23 yrs. At that point my mistrust grew 2K%! Salesman moved us far away from the room when he realized I was googling the co. Guessing he didn't want others to get any ideas. Needless to say, reading this review sealed our decision NOT to fall for it! The gift is a joke, if the travel co is so great, why don't they issue travel voucher instead of using another co. full of red tape? That being said, the hotel coffee wasn't bad. Can't believe people would make an $8, 995 payment for this. Could not find one positive reference when I googled them. If this co. has happy customers, they need to get their testimonies out.

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  • Mr
      Apr 05, 2013

    Based on my own experiences with United Resevation Services, I fully agree! The problem here is URS takes a large up-front "membership" fee, saying they will get you superior rates. But the reality is they just take your large up-front fee. Sound like a scam? You decide.

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  • Km
      Apr 06, 2013

    EVERYONE! Write the President, your U.S. Congresspeople, and the Attorney General’s Office! LIFETIME CONTRACTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!!

    Sign the petition at

    and post this to as many boards as you can!

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  • Ms
      Dec 05, 2013

    Attended a presentation last night. Thank you all for confirming my suspicions. The BBB has given them a "F" of 12/2/13. Our salesperson said that was a mistake...they didn't respond to a complaint in a timely manner...thus resulting in the F.
    What a crock...

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  • No
      Dec 11, 2013

    Agree with you guys. Appears anytime some company wants to meet at a hotel for a business presentation, they usually are NOT good for your wallet. We got invited via post card with a free Royal Carribean cruise for 8 days and 7 nights along with free airfare. We called and set up appointment. No information was divulged of the sales pitch expected no matter how hard you question. Confirmation email came in with 3 days/2 night Marriott which immediately indicated the lie with the web being spun in progress. Checked online search and came up with lots of complaints. Called and cancelled the appointment by the designated telephone number but could never reach a person, just a recording. Thanks for the heads up and saving my time. More people need to do this. We were ripped off by the R.I.A.N. vacation plan that went bankrupt 2 years after we bought into it. Did not know where to post but they also got an "F" from the BBB so watch out for those grades!

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