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United Recovery Systems Inc. / Payments problems

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I was just on the phone with URSI, trying to work out a payment plan that I can afford. No such luck...I can either pay almost an ungodly high amount a month for 6 months... Or I can pay the full amount all at once. No working with me on affordable payments... That won't break the bank. I got a letter in the mail from them, saying they would work with me on a payment plan that was affordable for me. The man I talked to was very ignorant, and he was telling me how much I can afford. I think I would know. I tried to call back and change the payments, telling him I can't afford to pay that much, and he said there was nothing I can do. They have my bank account number and now I have to settle for those payments. I can't change them..and there isn't anything I can do about it.

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      12th of Sep, 2007
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    these people are absolutely nuts, i have an amex card, that i put maybe 100 dollars a month on, and the day i get emailed that my bill is available, i go on and pay it off completely, just to have that extra card there to keep my credit nice and clean, but of course, i get a call from them stating that i owe amex over 2,000 dollars, which is completely crap, bc i have NEVER put more then 400 dollars on the card over a period of a month, i bought some clothes and used it, and paid it right off, its a joke, and they have all my info and are threatening to sue me for the 2000 and then all these other fees, when they call, i just get really pissed and start to yell at them, i have had them hang up on me a few times, one guy even said that he was going to release my account to another employee because he did not want to get yelled at anymore, they say that they record the calls when you call them back, but the first thing that they do is to ask SIR, MAY I RECORD THIS CALL, i just say NO and then let them say their little deal, then i go off on them, i call amex and they say that they NO RECORD of this and my account is in perfect standing with them... who knows, ill let my lawyers handle it

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      18th of Feb, 2009
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    My suggestion when dealing with any collection company is to tell them to send everything in writing. That way they can't ever go back on what they say. If you have it in writing then you have them by the balls. They can say whatever they want over the phone, and they usually do.

    Collection agents are paid largly by commission of the debts they collect, so they aren't incentified to negotiate anything with you. They want all they can get so they get the greatest incentive. Salesmen are no different. Insurance people are no different. It's just the industry they work in.

    Yelling at them does nothing. The FDCPA says that when you tell them to send it in writing then they have to stop calling you. The second they call you at your place of business it is time to file a complaint with the FTC. Don't let them muscle you into paying a dime if you don't owe it. Use the law to your advantage. Read the FDCPA (it is a short law, so don't be afraid of it). Quote it to them and it will scare the shirt off them.

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